2nd Annual Snorkel Store Scholarship


Last year’s Snorkel Store Scholarship was a great success for the amount of time that we had to prepare and get the word out.  We had over 20 participants and applicants last year and were able to award the $500 scholarship to Casey Hoover for Cuesta College.

We hope that this year with it being our 2nd, then we have a little more visibility on the scholarship for applicants.  We even went as far as paying for a press release so that more people would know and be able to apply.

Lizzy and I did discuss after the competition last year that it might be good to split up the scholarship between high school seniors and those who are already in a post secondary school.  However, we felt that $250/$250 was really not enough to make a difference in many cases.  So, while in the future we may be able to offer more for now we are going to keep the scholarship at 1 winer of $500,

Please head over to the scholarship page for all the details.  As usual, if you need any more information then you can get in touch via the contact page!

Good luck and Snorkel Safe

-Snorkel Ken

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Snorkel fanatic and water deviant. My snorkel and life partner (Lizzy) and I take to the beaches and bays to use all of the snorkel gear that we can. We try, test and review that gear for you...and we have a lot of fun in the meantime. Other than that, I'm a Soldier, father, bird lover, WoW player and a Boston sports fan.


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