The 6 Best Snorkel Masks for 2016


easybreath snorkel mask best snorkel mask Are you ready for a snorkel-tastic 2016!  We took a little while before we started to post our picks for the best snorkel masks and gear  that you can get for this New Year but now that we’ve finally done the tallying and looked back on 2015 we think that we know just the type of gear that people are looking for to take to the beach, on vacation, or even that tropical cruise to all of those exotic locations.  We’re hoping that we can have as much fun providing snorkel reviews and doing our own snorkeling in 2016 as we did in 2015 but it’s going to be a tough year to beat. But, hey, if there are two people who can have more fun this year than we did last year….it’s us! We starting this year off with the Best Snorkel Masks for 2016.  We were able to provide reviews on our favorite masks last year and lots of people had a great time snorkeling with the gear that we recommended.  We’re proud of that and happy to help.  From looking at last years buys, comments, and most popular pages/items than we think we can, without a doubt, provide the greatest, short list of snorkel masks for the the coming year.

Our 2016 Best Snorkel Masks Picks (Updated for 2017)

Product Brand List Price
Tribord EasyBreath Full Face SUBEA N/A
F1 Frameless Cressi $34.95

Update Notes (March 2017): 

We’ve removed the Zorroo as a viable option for a full-face mask.  While we never had an issue with ours, there is a lot of issue going on right now with full-face snorkel masks and foreign country “knock-offs”.  The only full face masks that wer’re currently recommending are:  Tribord, Ocean Reef Aria (both in the table above), H2O Ninja (great, but the price), and Mares SeaVu.  

We’e also added many other masks such as the F1 Frameless snorkel mask (which should have been on last year’s list but I totally blew it…sorry)

A couple of things that you can take from the below list: First, people are really into GoPro’s right now and being able to take video of the underwater world is really important to snorkelers. Second, it’s the full face snorkel masks that people are buying to make snorkeling that much easier and more comfortable.  Lastly, it’s all about the view; all of the masks below maximize the amount of lens and how much of the underwater world that you can see.


The Tribord Easybreath, full-face snorkeling mask was our most popular mask for 2015.  We feel that people really appreciated the comfort fit and the ability to take the snorkel out of the picture by using this all-in-one snorkel and mask combo.  This is a purely snorkeling mask as it is not made for SCUBA or free diving to depths.  It’s a great mask for the beginner snorkeler and to have along with you on your vacation. Read our full-review of the Tribord here!  

Zorroo GoPro Full Face Mask

The ZORROO Snorkel Mask does a great job of combining the OctoMask (below) with the full-face design of the Tribord.  Great comfort and the ability to capture everything that you’re looking down at as you skim across the surface of the water is both highly convenient and exciting…especially when you get to send your family and friends all the great video of your snorkeling fun!  

Phantom Aquatics Cancun Mask Snorkel Combo

This one surprised us a little bit, but it was a great option for those who bought a snorkel set or mask/snorkel combo is 2015.  We shouldn’t be that surprised, though, as Phantom Aquatics puts out some really great products.  The Cancun mask and snorkel set is a super sleek, super comfortable, and ultra-dependable.  You won’t find a better, traditional snorkel mask on the market than the Cancun Mask.


GoPro OctoMask

The OctoMask with GoPro attachment was actually one of my favorite masks that I sampled and reviewed this year and many shoppers here at The Snorkel Store agreed.  The comfort of the mask, the traditional build, and the GoPro attachment makes this mask a great choice for any user who has no issue with breathing through the snorkel.  You can read our full-review here.  

Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set

Cressi makes some of the best snorkel, dive, and water recreation products on the market and it is no wonder that they are rounding out our Best Snorkel Masks for 2016 list with two of their products.  This mask and snorkel set is made for comfort and depths.  The free diving aspect of this mask means that is super low-volume and ultra-comfortable.  The mask really does seem to be a natural extension of the face and it may be the most comfortable mask that we tried last year.  It’s a great option for 2016!  Read our reviews here and here.


Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set

The Cressi Panoramic wide view mask is all about seeing as much as you can while you’re under water. This is a 4 lens mask (two in front of each eye, and two on each side of the eye) giving it that panoramic view.  It’s comfortable and a great buy for the beginner snorkeler who wants to capture as much marine life as possible when they’re in the water.   A definite Top Pick for years to come.  You can read our full review here.

Be safe and Happy Snorkeling! -Ken


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