Body Glove Kids Snorkel Set Review with Kickboard


Body Glove Youth Snorkel Set

Body Glove Youth Snorkel Set


  • Good teaching set


  • No fins
  • Not good for

This is a set that you shouldn’t really take seriously as a kids snorkel set for actual snorkeling.  What this set is good for is getting your very young child used to snorkeling.  The appropriate ages seem to be from about 5 years old to 8.

The fact that you also get a carry bag and a set of goggles to go along with kickboard and mask/snorkel set make this a pretty versatile group of water accessories for kids.

This Body Glove Kids Snorkel Set comes with 5 pieces:

Snorkel Mask




Carry bag

None of them alone are anything near what you need in a good quality snorkel set for your kid.  However, this set will definitely allow you to teach your child to be comfortable snorkeling and to gauge their abilities.

The set comes in two color options: blue and yellow and pink and yellow.

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