Cressi Kids Snorkel Set Review with Kid Friendly Bright Colors


Cressi Kids Snorkel Set

Cressi Kids Snorkel Set


8.5 /10


8.0 /10


8.5 /10


  • Good seal and comfort on mask
  • Vented Fins
  • Bright colors for kids


  • No bag
  • No purge valve on maks
  • No purge valve on snorkel

Check out the colors on this Cressi kids snorkel set!  The blue/green and the pink/purple are vibrant and fun enough to grab a kids attention.  If you have a kid that worries about not “looking cool”, then he or she will fall in love with this set.

According to most of the reviews that we’ve read on Amazon and other spots, this Cressi snorkeling set is good enough for young children (6+) all the way up to the early teens.

Cressi Snorkeling Set for Kids includes:kids-snorkel-set-cressi


Adjustable buckles for quick and easy adjusting on the fly.  It’s a smaller framed mask which makes it perfect to fit smaller faces.  The mask also has dual lenses.


The snorkel has a splash guard to keep surface water from getting into the tube as it’s being splashed and kicked around while swimming.  It also has a soft silicone connector between mouthpiece and upper-snorkel for comfort and fit.


The fin pockets are soft and comfortable to appease smaller feet, but sturdy enough to keep those feet securely in place.  Each blade is vented for better performance and maneuverability while kicking.  The fins are open heel with quick-adjust buttons and straps for putting on, taking off, or making a better fit.

This Cressi Kid’s Snorkeling Set is available in the below colors:

(Images are clickable)


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