SeaLife Micro HD 16GB Underwater Digital Camera for Snorkeling Review


This underwater camera by SeaLife brings a new feel and experience in taking still pictures and HD videos while snorkeling. The performance underwater is excellent and this makes it unique from other under water cameras.

What makes SeaLife Micro HD 16GB Underwater Camera efficient for snorkeling?

4 Underwater Modes designed Snorkeling and Diving

This camera has four under water modes for taking pictures.This means you do not have to use filters afterwards. All you have to do is choose one of the four modes according to the effect you want to portray in water. This is different from other cameras where you have to take pictures and later use filters to modify them.

Seamless and Simple Operation Underwater.

Operating a camera under water can be challenging but not with this camera. The camera has keys which take the form of piano buttons and this makes operation very easy. Whether you are wearing your diving gloves or not the buttons are very accessible and you can easily press menu, play back and video recording buttons while still deep in the sea.

Water Proof and Permanently Sealed.

This camera is permanently sealed and this means you don’t have to worry about water about taking your pictures while snorkeling. This is because the camera has no issues like doors that are watertight and it has no O-rings that have to be maintained from time to time. The camera is well protected using a rubber material. Get more information on Amazon.

Shock Resistant.

Shock resistance is another feature that makes this camera so efficient for snorkeling. The outer rubber material protecting the camera makes it resistant from shock. This protects it against strong waves and other diving hazards experienced under water.

Capture Image and Video up to 60 meters down!

This camera offers divers a capturing experience of up to 60 meters deep in the water. This means that it will still produce quality shots in deep in the water considering that it may get darker very low in the sea or ocean.



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