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US Divers: The Best Snorkel Gear Brand?

The world beneath the waves... Snorkeling has got be hands down one of the best water sports around today. Being in the water opens up a whole new world to you that you...

What Makes the Best Snorkel Gear?

If you're reading this article then you're already in the market to buy snorkel gear.  If you already some basic knowledge then you can head over to our "6 Best Snorkel Brands" page for...

The 5 Best Mares Snorkel Sets

Mares is one of those snorkeling gear manufacturers that provides an entire line of snorkeling sets that range from the recreational/hobby sets for one-time or occasional snorkelers (or those who prefer these kinds of...

The 5 Best Promate Snorkel Gear Sets

Promate is a leader in all sorts of diving, SCUBA, and snorkeling accessories and equipment.  They have been around for a while now and truly believe that the underwater world is a universal destination...

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