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The 4 Best Coral-Safe Sunscreen Options

The Great Barrier Reef located off the coast of Australia is the most famous reef and underwater ecosystem in the world. As a habitat to thousands of marine species, naturally the Great Barrier Reef...
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5 Things to Bring to the Beach (Other than Snorkel Gear)

  When we go snorkeling here at Snorkel Store. we tend to go for the long haul.  Not only do we snorkel but we're also apt to do some shell collecting and maybe...

5 Great Options for Mens Snorkel Rash Guards with SPF

Rash Guards are a great piece of snorkeling equipment to have.  You may opt to put on sunscreen and soak up some of the sun while you're on the beach and snorkeling but what...

Best Women’s Rash Guards for Snorkeling

Rash guards are an important element to protecting your body when in the sun.  It may be even more important when you're snorkeling.  Women's rash guards (and men's) are among the most important yet...

Best Ways to Protect Your Body from the Sun While Snorkeling

There's nothing like enjoying few hours or an entire day on the beach, at a resort, or off the back of a boat snorkeling.  It doesn't matter who you are, most of us are...

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