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Top 5 Snorkel Vests for All Style Preferences

Snorkel vests may seem a little tacky to non-snorkelers, often resulting in first-timers forgoing them all together, but oh how quick they learn. Unless you have a lifetime spent swimming around in ocean currents,...
Chart of the Best snorkel vests

Best Snorkel Vests Chart: Compare and Buy

We've compiled a nice looking chart to help you sort through the best snorkel vests that are available. We've compiled this list base upon safety, visibility, size availability, and price.  You don't have to...

How to Buy Snorkel Vests for Adults and Children Guide

People have a hard time in choosing and buying the best snorkel vest.  It's kind of a touchy-feely kind of subject.  "The best" is a relative term, isn't it?  Are you tall, short, broad...

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