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US Divers Admiral Snorkel Set Review with Island Dry Tube, Trek Fins and Travel Bag

US Divers Adult Admiral Snorkeling Set

US Divers Adult Admiral Snorkeling Set

Great Option



    • Various Colors
    • Industry Leader
    • Dry Snorkel


    • Plastic clips break easily
    • Dual lenses

    U.S. Divers Adult Admiral LX Mask/Island Dry Snorkel/Trek Fins/Travel Bag,Yellow,Small (Men (4-7),Women(5.5-8.5))US Divers is a leader in the snorkeling set industry.  From affordable, quality beginner snorkeling set to the more serious hobbyist, US Divers makes the kind of snorkel set you need.

    US Divers Snorkel Set Admiral for Adults with Assorted Colors

    This snorkel set package comes in various colors to include: black, blue, neon yellow with blue, cobalt blue, electric blue, neon yellow, red, titanium, white, and yellow.  The set includes and Admiral mask, Island Dry Snorkel, Trek fins and carry/storage bag.

    Pivot Dry Snorkel Tube

    The snorkel tube of this set is 100% submersible because of the  Pivot Dry Technology and purge valve.  It also has a fully flexible, soft mouth piece that is hypoallergenic with a purge valve to get rid of any water that may enter the tube.

    Dual Lens Mask

    The mask is two-lensed, separated by the mask in the upper part and nose slot on the bottom. The buckles are easy to adjust in or out of water with Pro-Glide Buckles. However, the clips are a hard plastic and if you tug them too much then you may break them off.  It’s a good idea to have back up snorkeling mask clips at all times.

    Trek Fins for Adaptability

    Dual-composite fin blade for snap and power, soft and comfortable foot pocket with adjustable straps that help in getting them on in the water.

    Bestseller US Divers Snorkel Set

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