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Last Updated on July 5, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

promate snorkeling set with snorkel vest

I’m getting a lot of questions about what we consider to be a complete snorkel set.  We do have a page that explains the the kind of snorkel gear that you may need on your snorkeling travels, but I guess it doesn’t really explain what a “complete” snorkel gear set it.  And, to be honest, you won’t need every piece of equipment that we have on that page every time that you go snorkeling.

So, in this post I’ll quickly outline what I consider to be absolutely imperative on a snorkeling trip or just a day at the beach where you’re going to be snorkeling.


Complete Snorkel Gear Set with a Premium Bag:

I always say that you need to have a complete snorkeling gear set.  It just makes snorkeling and getting around easier. That means a properly fitting mask, snorkel (I prefer dry snorkels),  and fins (standard sized).  If you’ve had trouble in the past with the whole breathing issue with snorkels and masks, then consider getting the best full-faced snorkel mask on the market…it’s like breathing normally.

The bag should hold (in my opinion) your complete set and the other necessities below.


I opt for a high-SPF sunscreen over a rash guard with SPF on most days that I go out snorkeling.  However, if I know I’ll be on the beach and in the sun for an extended period of time (several hours) then I’ll definitely be unpacking the rash guard.

Water and Snack Bars

Snorkeling is fun but it’s also strenuous.  You’ll be in the sun a lot of the time and burning energy.  You need to stay hydrated and something in your stomach.  I prefer hydro flasks or water to keep it cool and almonds but a snack bar works too.

Snorkel Vest (if you’re uncomfortable in the water)

I have to throw this one in there for the people who are not very comfortable in the water or think they may tire out.  While not a necessity for ALL people it is absolutely a requirement to have a snorkel vest if you for even one second think you may.  Don’t blow it off.

Underwater Camera

I use a couple different underwater cameras.  I take the GoPro always and we also have a secondary camera that Lizzy sometimes holds in case I miss something and I’ve been known to miss things as you’ll see from this video where a turtle buzzes by her and I’m just swimming with another.  I had no idea! LOL


To lay out, to dry off, to wrap around you.  The obvious reasons.

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Those are the absolute snorkel necessities.  Are there other things that you may need? Sure.  People like to bring water proof wallets and holders, dive bags, lights, knifes, etc.  And those things are all great. However, I find that most of the time I can have all of the snorkeling fun I like to have with just the small list above.


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