Get to Know Some of the Best Snorkeling Sites in Bahamas


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The Bahamas have all the perfect locations for experiencing the perfect vacation everyone is dreaming of. With its fine beaches and lovely sea, tourists often come to this tourist destination for snorkeling or diving. Tourists who traveled to the site listed some of the best snorkeling sites in Bahamas that help prospective tourists for their own trips like the following:

Elbow Cay

Located in the Abacos, the Elbow Cay is an over 200 kilometers strip of cays and beaches. The site is known for having some of the top beaches in Bahamas, which makes it as well as the Elbow Cay as the perfect place for snorkeling. Visibility is perfect as the cay is near the Gulf Stream’s waters. One of the favorite reefs in the location is found at the Mermaid Beach. Its colorful reef attracts a lot of people who want to explore Bahamas and its reefs.

Gambier Deep Reef

Due to its deep location, the Gambier Deep Reef is a top choice among scuba divers and snorkelers. Found at the northwestern part of New Providence Island, the dive spot reaches up to 80 feet below, which displays a breathtaking marine life. However, the reef also has an upper coral formations that can be seen on the shallow parts of the water, making it one of the best snorkeling sites in Bahamas.


Bimini is a small island and less than an hour away from Miami. It has shallow reefs that are ideal for people who are into shallow water snorkeling. It also has a shallow wreck called the Sapona. The site gives tourists an experience of a lifetime in its marine life. Tourists can see Atlantic Spotted Dolphins near the Orange Cay on a regular basis.

Long Island

Its shallow reefs made Long Island one of the best snorkeling sites in Bahamas. Tourists can step on the shore and see the shallow reefs immediately. The island has several resorts that teach tourists how to snorkel or in preparing them in doing the activity. Visitors can also ride boats to access nearby locations for other activities to maximize their vacation.

Grand Bahama Island

The site is known for its clear waters that attract divers and snorkelers. The clear waters also show the amazing marine life, which is always the star in snorkeling aside from the reefs. Due to its popularity, the Grand Bahama Island offers a long list of hotels and other accommodation types for everyone who is planning to see its reefs.

San Salvador

San Salvador is considered as the rich paradise of undiscovered islands and beaches. Its untouched beauty makes it the perfect site for shore snorkeling, shelling as well as swimming. Despite being a popular destination for snorkelers, it still maintained its virgin beauty, making it a perfect location for a Bahamas trip.

Without a doubt, the best snorkeling sites in the Bahamas have been attracting countless tourists yearly. The number of available snorkeling site choices will give you the opportunity to enjoy a vacation of rich marine life, nature trips, as well as lovely beach results.


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