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TUSA Sport Serene Snorkel Set Review

Our final TUSA snorkel set review is the Sport Serene Set. For a full review of TUSA and the best TUSA sets please visit this page. Even after all this time we stand by...
TUSA Snorkel set sport visio review

TUSA Sport Visio Snorkeling Gear Review

Next in our review series of the TUSA line of snorkel sets is the Sport Visio Tri-Ex gear set.  You may remember from our last review of the Sport Powerview and that of the...

TUSA Sport Powerview Snorkel Gear Review

The TUSA Sport Powerview is one of our favorite snorkel gear sets of all-time. Why?  Our other tester, Lizzy, tried several snorkel sets before settling on the TUSA Powerview as her "main" set-that is-the one...
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TUSA Snorkel Gear Brand Review

I find it difficult to understand why TUSA is not as popular as some of the other snorkel brands on Amazon.  Brands like US Divers, Aqualung, Cressi, etc all have a lot of product...
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6 Best Snorkel Gear Brands in 2024: A Complete Snorkel Gear Guide

You want the best snorkel gear you can get for a reasonable price. Something that's going to last long and is safe for you and the kids while being efficient but not putting a...

TUSA Sport Reef Tourer Snorkel Fins, Large, Blue

The UF-14Z Reef Tourer travel fin is a new idea for snorkeling fins. Built with TUSA quality, the foot pocket is made with a soft, durable compound designed for comfort. The open-heel design allows for quick and easy size adjustment and the silicone heel strap enhances comfort and durability. This sturdy fin is engineered to provide a lot of power for its small size. The fins are compact and lightweight ideal for travel and easy to take anywhere. TUSA’s industry leading 3 YEAR WARRANTY.