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The 5 Best Cressi Snorkel Gear Sets

Cressi is an Italian company that makes high-end SCUBA and dive gear.  The company also manufactures great snorkel gear that is amongst the best made and most popular in the sport/hobby.  Founded in 1938...
US-divers-diva-premium set

US Divers Snorkel Set for Women with Premium Accessories Review

Direct from one of our favorites in the snorkel gear industry, US Divers brings us this sweet Diva set with all of the bells and whistles that a lady could want from her snorkel...

5 Best Snorkeling Gear Sets for Women

Women want to look nice. And that’s a good thing. They want to snorkel just as much as us guys do, and probably more…they just want to look damn good doing it. Again, that’s...