5 Best US Divers Snorkel Sets


Last Updated on June 21, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

US Divers is a brand that we really like here at the Snorkel Store.  They make really good snorkel equipment sets that are affordable.  You won’t find many “premium” sets that go for over $100 with US Divers.  Those are usually reserved for their parent company, AquaLung. As you’ll see below, though, even AquaLung has affordable sets. (Check out our 1st choice!)

What you do get with US Divers’ snorkel equipment is a trusted brand, quality gear, and a versatile line of gear.  Something can be found for just about everyone in the US Divers snorkel line of equipment; from smaller travel sets to great kid’s snorkel sets.

Our Top 5 Picks for US Divers Snorkel Sets:

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(Note:  Most sets come in various colors.  You can find more information on color out at Amazon.)

Admiral Mask with Dry Snorkel, Travel size fins, and gear bag

Dual lens mask with hypallergenic, soft silicone skirt for comfort and easy adjust buckles.  Completely dry snorkel with pivot top.  Travel size, “trek” fins, that allow you easily store and carry on and a bag to fit it all.  The fins are open pocket and adjustable to fit most feet.

US Divers Admiral LX Island Dry Trek Snorkel Set

US Divers Diva Deluxe Set with Premium Bag and Neoprene Strap

This is one of our top choices for all women’s snorkel equipment sets as you can see from our full review here.  Not only do you get the US Divers Diva set with single lens mask, regular size fins, and a dry snorkel but you’re also getting one of US Divers’ best carry bags and a neoprene mask strap cover that prevents long hair from getting stuck and tangled.

U.S.Divers Diva Snorkel Set

Mens Lux Snorkel Set with Purge Mask, Pivot Fins, Dry Snorkel and Bag

This is a unique 4 lens mask with panoramic side lenses for better viewing of the underwater world that you’re exploring and the skirt is designed to keep bubbles away from face and viewing area.  Phoenix dry snorkel keeps the water out at the surface and below when submerged or diving. Pivot flex fins actually push further and faster in the water by counteracting the water when your legs are kicked.   The fins have open pocket design and adjustable straps.  Plus, you get a travel ready gear bag that fits it all.

U.S. Divers Lux Mask Fins Snorkel Set

The Starbuck Set from US Divers with Purge Mask, Paradise Dry Snorkel and Hingeflex Fins

This is another set that we did a full review on and that we’re real fans of.  The Starbuck mask has a single lens for unobstructed viewing and so the frame doesn’t get in the way.  It also has a purge valve and quick, easily adjustable straps.  The snorkel is a dry top with flexible mouth piece and purge valve for comfort and easy clearing.  Pivot fins for a good push through the water and a carry bag that has a pocket for mask storage.

U.S. Divers Adult Starbuck

Adult Regal Set from US Divers with Tucson Snorkel, Starboard Fins, Dry Snorkel and Travel Bag

Last but not least, is this set that comes with a dual lens mask with comfortable silicone skirt and 3 way buckles that adjust in all the directions that you’ll need to keep the mask snug and comfortable.  Full dry snorkel, open heel fins with adjustable straps, and a travel bag with mask pocket.

U.S. Divers Adult Regal Tucson Snorkel Set Mix

The thing we like most about US Divers snorkel equipment sets is that they have put a lot of work into creating many different sets that tend to serve each person needs.  Plus, they work hard at making most of their sets travel ready with decent bags and trek/travel fins.  Couple those two factors with the versatility in color choices and you have a really good shot at finding the snorkel set that is right for you from US Divers.


  1. I have a US Divers snorkel, about 4 yrs old. Can it be taken apart to clean? When I rinse it sometimes some “mold” comes out and I don’t want to be breathing it in. The parts twist but don’t seem to come apart.

    • Hi Monique…thanks for stopping by.

      Is the “mold’ coming from the mask? Around the edges? Or the snorkel itself?

      So, 4 years is a long lifespan for a US Divers set, in my opinion. I mean it’s probably harmless but I understand not wanting to breathe it in. In my experience, soaking the snorkel and mask in a solution regular detergent and warm/hot water does the trick. Just make sure to rinse well.

      I have seen a build up of “green” and what looks like algae in my snorkel and around the edges of my US Divers set…it’s about 3 years old. I usually soak it in the detergent and it’s good for a while.

      Do you snorkel regularly or have you stored away for a long time.

      Sorry, long answer with more questions. LOL So, in the end this is what I would do:

      Soak and clean it. If the “mold” is still there and you’re uncomfortable with it, then I’d spring for a new set.


  2. We (my wife & I) have the Starbuck Set from US Divers with Purge Mask, Paradise Dry Snorkel and Hingeflex Fins. At a guess we got them in 2015, & they are still good, & clean. No sign of wear. Yes the purge in the mask is great & makes for easy clearing of any water that happens to get in. It’s comfortable & visibility is good. It is easy to equalize. The snorkel is great! The hingeflex fins propel you in the water really easily & so it takes less energy.
    The thing that would be better, is having this snorkel & fins with a the US Divers LUX Purge Mask (4 window panoramic view).

    • Hi Brett,

      Sorry I’ve been so late in answering these. I’ve basically been taking the summer off. LOL. Glad you are enjoying the snorkeling right now!


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