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Snorkel-Gear-Expert-Snorkel-KenWhen I first moved to Hawaii in January of 2014 it took almost no time at all to fall in love with snorkeling. Since then I have spent much of my entire time on the Islands snorkeling; learning about snorkeling, spear fishing, swimming with turtles, taking photographs, finding the best(and secret!) snorkeling spots, etc. I’ve even taken numerous trips to other snorkeling locations between the Hawaiian Islands, Guam, and Palau. Snorkeling is my passion.

Soon after, my postings of photos and snorkeling adventures on Facebook and on another website, people began to contact me for snorkeling advice.

They wanted to know very specific things like:

  • What kind of snorkeling gear is best?
  • What kind of snorkeling gear should they get for their kids?
  • Is renting snorkel gear a good idea?
  • what to do? where to go? when to go?

That’s when and why I started the Snorkel Store. It not only gives me a place to review snorkeling gear and snorkeling sets but it also allows me to blog about snorkeling.  My life and snorkel partner, 20150621_101336Lizzy, has jumped on board this ride (and it’s not easy being with me!).  She helps me review snorkel gear, she is my buddy in the water (never snorkel alone) and a beautiful creature.

So far, the ride has been awesome and I only hope that it grows for you, Lizzy and I!

This site has helped thousands of people and families find the snorkeling gear and answers that they’re looking for. I hope it does the same for you!

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Also, please don’t ever be shy about hitting me up personally on Facebook or via the Contact Page.


Snorkel Ken and Lizzy