Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask Review


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Ocean Reef Full Face snorkel mask review

We’re here with another one of our favorite full face snorkel masks, the Ocean Reef Aria.  I was surprised because I knew that I had talked about the Ocean Reef Aria before but I had also thought that we had actually done a full review on the mask.  Seems, we haven’t.

This was one of our favorite masks when we used for about a week or so on the southeastern shores of Hawaii, mainly at Hanauma Bay and Kaiona Beach Park.  The mask performed great. So much so, that there was nothing really to note and mention in an individual review that was negative.  So, with that aid, let’s get down to the specifics about why you should get an Ocean Reef Aria if you’re looking for a full face snorkel mask…and even one reason you SHOULDN’T.

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Features of the Ocean Reef Aria Snorkel Mask:

Just like the other full faces, this snorkel mask allows you the ability to breathe pretty naturally using both your nose and mouth inside the mask.  So, you can avoid mouth and jaw discomfort by constantly having to hold the snorkel mouthpiece in your mouth.  

The way this is possible is due to the innovative design of full face snorkel masks…of which they are pretty much the same.  The mask covers the entire face but has a internal “oro-nasal” pocket that allows for breathing in and out through mouth or nose.  The reason why this mask doesn’t fog due to being exhaled in is due to the vented air channels that are actually separate from each other…one for exhale and one for inhale.  

The snorkel on top of the mask is a complete dry snorkel. You can see how the snorkel sort of leans backward as the mask is upright and many people worry that it could easily submerge.  But imagine the mask, instead, facing downwards as it would be when you were actually snorkeling.  In this position the snorkel actually sticks straight up in the air.  The snorkel is valved and covered, giving it its dry snorkel characteristic.  When you submerge the valve closes keeping water out.  The cover of the snorkel works by minimizing surface and splash water from entering.

Bag:  There are a few options for this mask on Amazon but we really, really love the one that is center in this review because of the Sopras Sub Cycling Bag that comes with the mask in this offer. If there’s one thing that we consider an important part of a snorkel pack its the actual bag that you pack it in!  The Sopras Sub Cycling Bag is a great looking, easy to pack and carry bag that is perfect for the Ocean Reef Aria…or any other full face snorkel mask that you choose to pack.

Bottom Line Up Front: 

It’s hard to make these full face snorkel masks better and even that much different from the others in the industry…but Ocean Reef Aria was able to it.  They have actually made a couple of great additions as follows:

For added visibility and even night snorkeling, the snorkel has areas on each side of it to attach to glow in the dark strips or glow sticks.

The optional GoPro mount can actually be taken of the mask and be use as a sort of selfie stick!  That’s pretty awesome.  You can see it used in this way towards the last minute and a half of the video above!  Here’s an image and link to the Ocean Reef Aria on Amazon with the camera mount and support.

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Now, for the reason you may want to opt for a different full face snorkel mask. The Ocean Reef Aria is not the cheapest of the lot…but it is one of the best.  What you’re really paying for here is the quality of the materials used and the attention to detail that went into a mask with a great, comfortable seal on the face and the durability to last for snorkel trip after snorkel trip and season after season.

Final Analysis:

One of the better full face snorkel masks on the market today.  Great fit.  Great comfort and feel.  Awesome carry bag to go with it.  



  1. Good mask but difficult to clean When in touch with sand which creeps in all the folds and corners of the silicone edges.
    Breathing a bit constrained and sometimes blocked but maybe that’s my way of to fast breathing.


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