The Best Snorkel Masks of the Summer 2016



There’s a lot that’s change since we published last year’s “Best Snorkel Masks for the Summer” article.  You’ll find a few still on the list from last year, but the full-face snorkel masks are really tearing it up this year.  There are a lot to choose from.  We published this article last year about the Tribord and then another that offered alternatives that were a little more affordable. So, yeah, we saw this coming.  It’s what we do.

This summer you’ll find some really premium and quality masks on the list.  From full face to frameless; from masks with UV protection lenses and those that have Go Pro mounts. You’ll even find a few that have more than one of these characteristics.  We always use our own criteria that we wrote about when finding, testing, and choosing which snorkel masks to review and promote.

The masks below are in no particular order.  We highlight what we like best about each one in the description (below the box) and we if we already have a full review of the mask, we link to that too.  If not, then we’re sure working on it.  Enjoy!

Top Snorkel Masks of Summer 2016

Ocean Reef Aria (New Comer on the 2016 list!)

The Ocean Reef Aria full-face snorkel mask looks a lot like the Mares Sea Vu that you’ll meet in just a minute.  The Ocean Reef has a dry top snorkel that is attached to the top of the mask and also has that breathe right and fogless technology of the other full face masks.

Tribord Easy Breathe

The mother of all full-face snorkel masks.  Tribord got it going early and as the popularity of these full face designs took off, many followed. Some good and others not so much.  The Tribord may lose it’s dominance of the market, especially if someone can mimic the quality for a much lower price.  But for now, the Tribord is still at the top.  Read our full review.

Octobermoon 180 degrees with GoPro Mount (New Comer)

Cool, right?  The Go Pro mount on the Octobermoon full face maskis one of the first that we ever saw.  As far as I know Octobermoon is a newcomer to the snorkel and outdoors markets on Amazon but the quality of the mask, the GoPro mount, and the various colors definitely make it a contender for the top spot.

Mares Sea Vu Full Face

If any full face snorkel mask can take over the Tribord for dominance, it is the Mares Sea Vu.  Why?  Well, Head and Mares have been making dive and snorkel gear for a very long time and they’re already a trusted name in the industry.  The Sea Vu looks sharper, too, in my opinion. Take advantage of Mares’ mesh bag to accompany your mask.  Read our Full Review

ScubaPro Synergy Tru Fit

The ScubaPro Synergy Tru Fit is one of our favorite masks of all time. I have yet to find one of these masks that weren’t a perfect fit and didn’t seal well even if I wore one that was a little off my size.  The TruFit technology is really as good as it says. The mask is also available without the sun protection lenses but we think they look bad ass with the mirrored tint.  Read our full review.

Atomic Venom Frameless

Frameless masks will always be popular.  They’re light weight, foldable, and low volume.  The Atomic Venom is the best that I have seen or tried.  I’m surprised that it isn’t more popular but we haven’t referred many purchases over on Amazon for this mask.  If you get the chance to try one, I advise that you do so.  You won’t be sorry.  If you’re looking for a versatile mask that is of high-quality but still one of traditional design, then the Atomic Venom is the way to go. Read our full review.

Cressi Frameless

Yes, we just said that the Atomic Venom is the best frameless mask on the market but the Cressi is a real close second.  They would need to be or they wouldn’t be on this list in the first place. It comes in a lot more color options than the Atomic Venom and the price is a little more agreeable.  Still, I think the quality and fit of the Atomic Venom really does out perform the Cressi.  Still a real solid mask, though. Read our full review

OctoMask with GoPro Hero 4 and GoPro Hero 3+ Mount

We were really obsessed with the OctoMask last year and it made a few of our Best lists (to include last year’s version of this article).  It was the first time we were able to snorkel with our GoPro attached to the mask and it really is a quality mask with great comfort to boot.  FYI…OctoMask makes a version with a GoPro mount that is also frameless. . Get it on Amazon


  1. Waiting for Snorkl 2.0 to get to me, ordered before read/knew about Mare which think about 100$ cheaper. Went with set that has GoPro mount, not sure if really into taking video but thinking would like to get GoPro with waterproof remote to take still pictures. Leave for Cuba on May 4th, if don’t get it before leave I do have option of returning and trying out Mare instead, think would rather just get it and be done with it even if could save few $. Are you planning on reviewing Snorkl, did read that you were trying to figure out why so much more than other models. Thanx Brian

    • Brian,

      That’s good to hear. Sounds like an awesome trip. I may eventually get to the Snorkl 2.0 but the price tag is hefty and I need to get it to review it. There are a couple of full face masks in my truck right now that I still need to review. There are a lot of them now…

      Please let me know when yours arrives and send us pics if possible.

      Thanks for stopping by,



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