US Divers Snorkel Set for Women with Premium Accessories Review


US Divers Diva Premium


Great set with good accessories



  • Great Diva Set
  • Premium Bag
  • Neoprene Mask Strap


  • No purge in mask
  • Defog would have been good

Last Updated on July 4, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Direct from one of our favorites in the snorkel gear industry, US Divers brings us this sweet Diva set with all of the bells and whistles that a lady could want from her snorkel gear set.

This is not your typical US Divers Diva snorkel set. Well, it’s the same basic gear of mask, fin, and snorkel but then we get a little fun. This particular set also comes with a premium carry bag with room for your entire snorkel set plus some other stuff like sunscreen, defogger, sunglasses, etc.

Added to this set is a neoprene snorkel mask strap cover so that the straps don’t get tangled in your hair…this is probably a MUST HAVE for most women with longer hair.

Features of the Diva Snorkel Set from US Divers (Premium Edition)

Mask: Single lens mask so that there is no view obstruction from a piece of the frame running along the nose pocket. Soft silicone for a great seal and comfort.

Dry Snorkel: US Divers best dry snorkel to keep water out of the tube when above water and below. In addition, the snorkel also has a purge valve for easy clearing and an nicely designed mouthpiece of comfort.

Fins: Adjustable heel fins for the perfect fit with any foot. These fins are designed to carry, travel and propel you through the water with ease.

Gear Bag: This isn’t your typical stock carry bag. This is the US Divers Coast Backpack bag that has been included in this set for free when it would usually sell for $17.99

Neoprene Strap Cover: This will keep the mask strap from getting tangled in linger hair. It also disperses the pressure from the straps with extra padding so that it is a more comfortable wear. This means more time in the water snorkeling and less time playing with your mask strap. A $12 value.

Get more information on the US Divers Women’s Diva Dry Snorkeling Set with Premium Accessories


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