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The best dry bags for snorkeling are important on many different levels. For one thing, people often do get robbed during their snorkeling adventures. This seems to be even more frustrating than getting robbed in other circumstances, but it still does happen. Snorkeling has a lot of risks associated with it. People do get left behind after the diving boat takes off, and people do end up getting their stuff stolen when they just leave it all on the boat. Some people are truly better off if they use dry bags in order to store all of their valuables.

Dry Bags and Backpacks for Snorkeling, Diving, Kayaking and Canoeing

The best dry bags are going to be large enough to hold everything that people are going to need, but they are also going to be small enough that people can still easily go snorkeling in the first place. Snorkeling is no easy task, even for the people who are very fit and people who have years of experience with the snorkeling. When people have all of their identifying information with them and all of their valuables in their dry bags, it is going to be that much easier for them to stay safe in many cases.

BagSizesOuter PocketsPrice RangeGet it Now!
BagSizesOuter PocketsPrice RangeGet it Now!
30LYes-Several to include one for easy access to phone.$Pricing and Reviews
Yes-One zippered$Pricing and Reviews
Yes-Several, One zippered front and two mesh side$$Pricing and Reviews
No$Pricing and Reviews
25LYes: Front Pocket zippered$$$Pricing and Reviews
50LSeveral zippered and other$$$Pricing and Reviews

Relentless Recreation Dry Bag Backpack (30L)

Like we mentioned above, these aren’t necessarily just dry bags for snorkeling. This Relentless recreation backpack is a perfect example of that.  This is the ultimate adventure bag.  It is great for hunting, kayaking, canoeing, golfing, hiking, diving trips, boat trips, etc.  You name it, this pack is great for it!

Size of the Bag: First, it’s a huge bag.  30L is big enough for you to fit just about anything you could need for any adventure.  It has plenty of storage place with mesh pockets around the outside.

Tough but Lightweight: Really durable because of industrial grade Denier Polyvinyl tarpaulin.  As tough as that material is, though, it’s super lightweight.  Here’s one of the best parts:  There’s an outer pocket for a phone and it has a clear window so that you can still operate the touch screen and not have to expose your tech to a possible nasty environment of moisture.

Dry and Out of Sight: You get to keep your gear dry and safely out of sight to wandering eyes with possibly stick hands.  Also, you’ll be able to keep your phone and other stuff out of direct sunlight so there’s no overheating.  Bonus:  The Relentless Recreation peeps’ are cool enough to send you a sticker that you can keep even if you don’t end up liking the bag or are not 100% satisfied.

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Earth Pak- Waterproof Dry Bag with Front Zippered Pocket Keeps

We like this Earth Pak dry bag for a couple of key reasons:  We like the over shoulder, single strap carry style and the outer, zippered pockets are roomy and easy to get to while at the same time keeping our stuff safe, dry and out of sight.

So, what caught our eye about this bag was the huge amount of reviews it has on Amazon and the high grades of those reviews. Out of the 2,350 reviews it has, 90% are 5 star and 97% are 4 star and above.  That’s a pretty good reputation.

Other things we like about the Earth Pak:

Several different colors:  Black, two shades of blue, forest green, white, yellow, orange and red.  So, whether you want to be colorful or not, the Earth has a choice that you’ll like.

Tough:  Commercial grade 500D PVC for awesome protection and durability.  The seams of this already tough material are THERMOWELDED (!!!) for the best waterproof experience.

Different Sizes and Floatable:  Yeah.  The 10L and the 20L version of the Earth Pak are sealed so well, they’ll hold air and float.  So, during paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling…the bag can be dragged and float along with you.

This Earth Pak comes with an IPX8 Waterproof phone case that will fit smartphones or devices up to 6.5 inches.

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COR Board Racks Waterproof Backpack

If you need a bag that’s big enough to pack a few days of gear in and be 100% waterproof, then the COR Board Racks is probably the bag for you.

The COR Board Rack bag comes in two sizes: 25L and 40L

One of my favorite types of dry bags (and the most effective, in my opinion) are the roll top type of bags.  Why?  Because not only is the material of this bag super effective for waterproofing but the basic roll top mechanism is just plain physics that you can’t argue with.

Interior Padded Laptop Sleeve:

Keep your laptop, computer, tablet, camera, etc protected and secure from not only wetness but also from jostling.  Many of the buyers of this bag actually use it as well for to and from work or school during rain, snow, etc.


Just like other bags on our list, the COR Board Rack safely floats if the bag is secured and rolled just like it should be.  That makes the bag the perfect choice for beaching, boating (thinks snorkel and dive tours here, people).  Also great for paddle-boarding, kayaking, etc.

Front Pock:

Great to keep your sensitive gear and smart tech protected from the water or other moisture.  Awesome for quick access and super quick and grab and go items.  Think wallet, keys, phone, etc.

Padded for Your Comfort:

The padded back of the COR Board Rack is ergonomically created for maximum comfort and to allow you skin to break and not get super uncomfortable while trekking and any extended amount of time on your back.

BONUS Features:

Own a Hydroflask?  Yeah.  This bag will fit a large Hydroflask in the side pocket.

Cool and safe reflective material on the shoulder straps and front of the bag…just in case you’re doing any travel or trekking at night.  Say, hiking or biking along dark country streets that may have traffic on them.

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Dry bags need to have a certain shape as well, or they are not going to be appropriately dynamic in the water. A lot of people run into problems with this anyway. The dry bags need to be able to align themselves to the bodies of the divers correctly so the bags move when they move. Otherwise, they are going to have these bags that are going to be constantly pulling at them and stopping them from properly getting to the elevation that they find interesting. The bags that are form-fitting and that move when they move are going to work much better in this regard.

Check out some of these Dry Bags Below!

[easyazon_table attributes=”Brand,ListPrice” identifiers=”B01GZCUDBC,B010GYK65S,B01IHLE8ZQ,B01A3CH91M,B000GF5586″ locale=”US” orientation=”at” tag=”snorkelstore03-20″ text=”Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag |Waterproof Dry Bags by Chill Gorilla|ZBRO Dry Bag – Unique 20L Waterproof Bag |DrySak Premium Waterproof Dry Bag |SealLine Baja Dry Bag 10 “]

Dry Bags and Capacity

Some people might just bring what they need in smaller dry bags that are going to attach at the waist, and that can work as well. These are dry bags that are not going to be able to store as much, but it is still important for people to be able to bring their identifying information with them. Lots of these dry bags are going to be small and tight, and they are going to work well when it comes to keeping the contents safe from the hazards above the water and the hazards below the water. There are people who like to bring a lot of equipment with them when it comes to snorkeling for the sake of safety. They have heard the horror stories about divers getting left behind, and they want to make sure that they are going to have enough of a defense in case something like that happens. They might bring satellite phones with them in order to ensure that they are not going to be cut off from the rest of the world. They might also bring weapons in order to defend against sharks, which is often a good idea anyway. These items need to be stored very carefully. Some people will just carry knives out in the open on their belts with nothing but a casing, and this is going to be enough. Satellite phones need to be stored carefully, since a satellite phone that has been damaged by water is not going to be of any use to anyone. The best dry bags for snorkeling are going to be as water resistant as possible, since people might be bringing their passports with them and their satellite phones. None of these items can withstand that much fluid infiltration, and it is that much more important for people to be able to keep everything safe. Sometimes, people are better off keeping all of their most water-sensitive items in their own cases even as they use the best dry bags for snorkeling, since this is going to ensure that there are two different layers of protection for all of these items. Some people might care more than others about the aesthetics of their dry bags. It should be easy to find dry bags in a wide range of different colors. Dry bags need to be big enough, secure enough, and tough enough for the open waters.

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