Best Kitesurfing Helmets and Gloves for 2018


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Kitesurfing is an exciting and exhilarating sport for both men and women who love adventure and sea. It combines a variety of skills and requires safety equipment.

Kitesurfing helmets are a must irrespective of whether the surfer is a beginner or a pro. Helmets will make sure to keep head protected throughout the surfing adventure and will not allow the impact or a blow to reach the head.

Gloves, on the other hand, will protect hands from developing blisters and especially is a must for people with sensitive skin. Gloves also come with shock absorbing feature which is essential during kitesurfing activity. Best kitesurfing helmets and gloves make kitesurfing and other water adventure sports delightful.

3 Best Selling Kitesurfing Helmets

[easyazon_table attributes=”Brand,ListPrice” identifiers=”B00GXGLIOC,B0742GXZYV,B075F16HTV” locale=”US” orientation=”at” tag=”snorkelstore03-20″ text=”NP Surf Helmet, Carbon|Tontron Comfy Water Helmet |Tontron Water Helmet with Go Pro Mount”]

NP Surf watersports Helmet

It is the best selling product and value for money. It is available in 5 different colors like flouro green matt, flouro red gloss, blue carbon, carbon, and white. It comes in all 3 different sizes like small, medium and large. It comes with an adjustable chin system and also equipped with closure system at the back of the head. It has a closed ear protector and an Air-Vent system.

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Tontron Comfy Practical Water Sports Helmet

This helmet comes with ABS outer shell and EVA absorption liner that very well meets safety standards of the water board and has cleared security testing. ABS outer shell protects the head from impact and EVA absorption liner is soft, dries quickly and is very comfortable to the surfer. It is available in 6 different colors matte blue, matte black, matte write, matte yellow, matte green and matte red and comes in all 3 sizes. Dial that is present in the back of the head has adjustable feature. Ear protection pads can be removed.

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Tontron Water Sports Helmet with Go Pro Mount

This helmet is equipped with a unique feature of GoPro NVG Mount. It installs universal GoPro housing case. It is available in 6 different colors like blue, green, and red, yellow, black and white with a matte finish and comes in all 3 sizes. It comes with outer ABS shell that can absorb high impacts and EVA liner on inside which not only is comfy but soft and waterproof. It is equipped with an adjustable closure system that is present on the back of the head. It has passed programs of security testing and thus a best selling product for kite surfing. You can go for it without thinking twice and you won’t have to repent later for sure.

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3 Best Selling Kitesurfing Gloves

[easyazon_table attributes=”Brand,ListPrice” identifiers=”B0083QRDUI,B07BDGQ25X,B01N8SQB5T” locale=”US” orientation=”at” tag=”snorkelstore03-20″ text=”Mystic Open Palm Mitten |EAT SLEEP Kitesurfing|Mystic 2mm Regular Kitesurfing Glove”]

EAT SLEEP KITESURF Kitesurfing Boarding Surfinger Unisex Half Finger Gloves

This glove serves multipurpose. It not only protects sensitive skin of hands during surfing activities but can also be used for other outdoor activities like cycling, biking, driving, riding etc. Fiber of gloves is very comfortable to the hands as it is breathable. It has shock-absorbing potential and superfine features. Its unique and modern style makes it the best selling product and can be used both by men and women.

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Mystic 2017 2mm Regular Kitesurfing Glove

The fabric of this glove is extended till cuff length. It is M-Flex and soft touch neoprene. It comes with glued bind stitched feature and as the name indicates, its thickness is 2mm which provides a great deal of protection during water sports activities including kitesurfing. It comes in 2 sizes medium and large and a mix of black and grey color on the exterior give it a stylish look.

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Mystic 2mm Open Palm Mitten Wetsuit Gloves

These gloves are coated with titanium, light in weight. Thickness is 2mm and supports flat lock stitching. The best feature is Velcro wrist strap and has open palm which enables easy and direct grip during kitesurfing activity. Open palm feature helps to pull out fingers to rig kite. Also, good for other water sports and adventure activities. It comes in black color.

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Make this summer an enjoyable experience with kiteboarding as it is the best activity for people of all ages and is a family bonding experience. Make kiteboarding or kitesurfing experience much delight able by choosing the right safety equipment like best kitesurfing helmets and gloves.


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