4 Common KiteBoarding Myths Busted


Last Updated on June 26, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

water kiteboarder and a snorkeler

Kiteboarding is a sport that’ll change you from the very core. Not only does it give you an exciting break from your mundane life, but it also turns out to be an excellent workout. Yes! This is one of those rare sports that lets you unwind and exercise simultaneously.

Almost all avid kiteboarders will agree when I deem this sport to be a truly life-changing experience. But despite the fun that it comes with there are a couple of common myths that are strongly associated with kiteboarding. In the following section, I’ll debunk these kiteboarding myths and help you grasp a better idea about the sport.

Myth #1: It’s Only Meant for Athletes

When it comes to kiteboarding, being athletic helps to some extent; but that’s just like every other sport. Unlike snowboarding, wakeboarding or even windsurfing- Kiteboarding doesn’t need a lot of endurance/physical strength. This is because a large part of the pull will come through the harness you’re using to balance the kite. This means you won’t need your arms to balance anything. So it doesn’t really matter if you’re not strong enough to benchpress or whether you spend hours in the gym. The reason I’m particularly fond of kiteboarding is that it is accessible to anyone, irrespective of their fitness level. And the best part: It’ll help you get fit, without giving you the time to realize it.

Myth #2: It’s Dangerous

This is yet another myth which prevents many of us from pursuing this sport. So let me put it simply: Kiteboarding is not “extra dangerous” when compared to any other random sport. On the contrary, it’s relatively safe if you take the necessary safety precautions. Yes! It does have some risks, but doesn’t every other sport have that? When you’re kiteboarding it is really important to know what you’re doing. Go for your lessons regularly, avoid riding by yourself and avoid bad weathers (storms, unsteady winds). Once you follow these guidelines, nothing will be safer than this sport!

Myth #3: You Won’t Need a Lesson

Just because you’ve mastered wakeboarding/snowboarding, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a great kiteboarder. Like every other sport, this one too requires your time, effort and skills. So don’t take it lightly. In case you’re just starting out, try picking trainer kite and spend some time learning to fly it. Once you feel confident, take a lesson. After that, continue a couple of lessons until you’re totally ready for your kiteboarding session.

Myth #4: It’s Extremely Complicated

Let me put one thing straight: if you’re willing to learn and if you take your lessons seriously, kiteboarding can be the easiest sport ever. Although the speed of learning varies from one person to the other, yet the sport is definitely not as complicated as most of you presume. Almost 75% of kiteboarding focuses on mastering the art of learning to fly a kite, while the remaining 25% focuses on the way you handle the board. So all you need to do is stay safe, follow the rules and go by the instructions of your trainer. Once you do this, you’re all set to go!


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