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Editor’s Note:  Tribord no longer has the market cornered with full-face snorkel masks. Since we originally wrote this article the market has exploded with some really, really good alternatives and we’re starting to ramp up a series of reviews (once we get our hands on them).  IF you’d like to see all of the different options that are available now then you can follow this link to Amazon.  Or, if you’d like, just wait until we get all of them reviewed for you.

When we first started reviewing snorkel masks here at THE Snorkel Store, we had a couple pieces of criteria that we stood by: comfort, affordability, and a great seal.  Whether those masks had purge valves, 1 or 4 lenses, or were flashy and cool to look at made little difference to us.  We were mainly about staying safe while snorkeling and making sure that you got the best snorkel equipment for the price. Our early review of the Tribord EasyBreathe continues to be one of the more popular pieces that we’ve published.  It gets lots of readers and visitors each day. However, not many people are buying the EasyBreathe and we can only chalk that up to price.  (Actually, people are buying quite a few of them now.) Today, in this post, we’d like to give you a sample of some of the alternatives we’ve found for the Tribord.  All the masks below are under $100 currently at Amazon but you’ll tell at the end of this article that the Tribord EasyBreathe may just be your best option.  You decide.

Full Face Snorkel Masks like H2O Ninja, Ocean Reef Aria, and Seaview 180 are all the RAGE RIGHT NOW!

Check them out on Amazon NOW!

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Just like the Tribord, these other Full-Face Snorkel Masks have the following Benefits:

  • For those that have trouble breathing underwater with a traditional mask and snorkel system, this is the snorkel system that is right for you.  These masks bill themselves as allowing the ability to breathe underwater just as you’d breath out of water.
  • Non-fogging or drastically reduced fogging.
  • Men with facial hair tend to favor this mask for it’s ease at sealing around their face (particularly, moustaches tend to get in the way).
  • One piece, snorkel and mask set allow easy transport.
  • Full face so the pressure is evenly distributed around the outside part and makes it more comfortable
  • These full face masks have a huge viewing area with the lens seemingly going up and down in all directions. (Most masks will bill themselves as having 180 degree viewing area and it’s true.)
  • The valve and catch system inside of the mask make it so that fogging isn’t an issue with this kind of set-up.  You would think that normal breathing through the mouth would cause a large amount of fog on the inside but these masks are designed for just the opposite.

Also, these full face masks have the same disadvantages to snorkeling as the EasyBreathe:

  • Big and bulky.
  • The price is higher than a traditional snorkel mask because of the convenience and intricacies of make.
  • This is almost entirely a surface mask.  Because of the size and volume of the mask, any diving would cause the pressure inside the mask and on your face to become uncomfortable.
  • This mask doesn’t teach you to snorkel and to eventually get accustomed to the snorkel and mask set-up.  This mask simply allows you to snorkel if you have had trouble doing so in the past for whatever reason.

Note:  All these masks are very similarly made. I would suggest getting on Amazon and checking them out for yourself and deciding which works into your needs and budget the best.

Our Picks for the Best Full Face Snorkel Masks 

Ocean Reef Aria

This is a new comer to our page this year and we’re happy that it’s here.  2016 was a break out year for a lot of quality full face snorkel masks and Aria was one of the ones to lead the charge.  Ocean Reef has been around for a while, they’re an Italian company who has been making SCUBA and underwater gear for a long time.  Ocean Reef was actually a pretty big signal that some of the more well-known snorkel companies were going to get in on  the act (like the Mares, below)

Ocean Reef ARIA Snorkeling Mask Easy Breath Full Face
  • 180 PANORAMIC VIEW - get a better view of life under the surface with a wider field of vision. The full face mask design sits further back on the face, allowing for unprecedented peripheral vision compared to traditional snorkel masks.
  • DRY TOP SNORKEL - explore sea life with confidence knowing you wont be surprised by a gulp of water from a wave. The dry-top snorkel protects the airway from crashing waves, saving the snorkeler from distractions.
  • PURGE VALVE - For the daring snorkeler that wants to go below the surface, easily clear excess water from the mask with a quick exhale
  • UNRESTRICTED BREATHING - Internal ventilation allows for ease of breath while allowing everyone to breath through the nose, or mouth, or both.
  • FOG FREE - the ability to both inhale and exhale within the mask naturally keeps the sight free of fog with the use for expensive defog.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Ocean Reef Aria is a sleek looking mask and they turned the tables on Tribord and Seaview (and lots of other full face masks) by changing up the color scheme from the bright, azure and pinks to a more subdued, earthy look.  In our opinion, the orange/rust is a nice looking compliment.

Ocean Reef ARIA Snorkeling Mask Easy Breath Full Face

SeaView 180 and Seaview 180 V2

Sold by our friends over at Wildhorn Outfitters, the SeaView 180 is probably the best of the lot here.  It’s decently made and comes in the traditional colors that the Tribord did; blue, light blue and pink.  The Seaview 180 was actually able to give Tribord a run for their money in the early days of full face snorkel masks.  It’s easy to use for both adults and children.

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° V2 Full Face Snorkel Mask with FLOWTECH
  • FLOWTECH ADVANCED AIR INTAKE SYSTEM- Breathe naturally and comfortably through your nose and mouth. Flowtech has two chambers and 4 intake valves to allow air to circulate in and out freely. Using one-way valves and a separate breathing chamber ensures fresh air is always circulating through the mask. Flowtech provides 50 percent easier work of breathing compared to other full face snorkeling masks on the market. This combined with safe levels of CO2 make this the best full face snorkel mask
  • DESIGNED AND TESTED IN THE USA - The Seaview 180° V2 snorkeling mask was created by our team of experienced product designers and engineers. Through meticulous iteration we improved the airflow, visibility, fit, camera mount and safety of the full face snorkeling mask experience. The Seaview V2 launched on Kickstarter in 2018 and was backed by thousands of people. We used 3rd party experts to measure the airflow and CO2 elements of the mask to ensure a safe user experience for all.
  • IMPORTANT SIZING TIPS- Full face snorkel mask adult sizing is important to get right. Be sure to measure from the bridge of your nose (between your eyes) to the tip of your chin. Measure along the side of your nose, not over the top. Follow the sizing chart. If you are in between sizes, its usually best to select the smaller size. For the best seal, you may need to tweak the placement of the mask on your face until you have the most comfortable fit. Be sure to test in a pool before your trip.
  • ENHANCED FEATURES- The patent pending angled tube design allows for less restricted, two-way airflow. The angled snorkel tube stays above water more easily and gives your head more freedom of movement. The viewing area is 20 percent larger to give you more visibility. The camera mount now swivels and is located near the chin to stay under water more easily. The ergonomics and fit are much improved. Lastly, the additional one-way valves and separate breathing chamber help to reduce fogging.
  • PROPER USE- Full face snorkel masks are designed for leisure surface snorkeling. Serious freediving is not recommended because you cannot equalize. Strenuous swimming while wearing any type of snorkel, including full face designs, is not recommended. A strenuous swim requires friction-less breathing. Be sure to take regular breaks while snorkeling. Also follow the buddy rule: never snorkel alone. Become familiar with your gear before you go. Try it in a pool and make sure it fits and seals.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Seaview 180 full face has some great materials it’s made from and that’s probably one of the bigger reasons why it survived against Tribord in 2015 and 2016.  Plus there is the Go Pro mount that Wildhorn Outfitters put on the Seaview.  So, along with this great looking mask made from good materials with a design that was innovative it also made to make the traveling snorkeler even happier by being able to swim and observe the marine life without having to worry about taking photos and videos because your GoPro is running constantly above.  AAah…the easy life!

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° V2 Full Face Snorkel Mask with FLOWTECH

The Mares Sea Vu

So, here it is:  The very first, full-out SCUBA and snorkeling manufacturer and designer to jump into the full face snorkel mask business.  I would love to tell you that with their knowledge, experience and history that Mares was truly innovative and took a fresh look in to the full face design.  But, that’s just not true.  You still get the same pros and cons:

HEAD Sea Vu Dry Full Face Snorkeling Mask
  • No fogging Natural breathing through mouth or nose
  • Natural breathing through mouth or nose
  • Dry top snorkel - keeps water out
  • Wide lens for superior viewing
  • Comfortable silicone sealing skirt

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


  • Breathing like your not underwater by being able to breath through your mouth and nose.
  • No fogging due to the design and vented air chambers.
  • Wide field of view up and down so that you don’t miss a thing.


  • Primarily a surface mask.

Here’s something that I haven’t seen with other full face snorkel mask, though.  A great bag that actually looks like it was made to go with this full face snorkel mask design.  The Sopras Sub Cylcing pack (pictured above with mask and clickable) is a sharp looking accessory to this awesome mask.

HEAD Sea Vu Dry Full Face Snorkeling Mask


Tribord Easybreathe (Updated Version)

TRIBORD SUBEA EASYBREATH (2019 Version) Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • DRY FREAK spare ring included. This Updated 2019 Version has a Secure Lock Snorkel to prevent the snorkel head from detaching unexpectedly.
  • 2 Year Tribord Warranty. Hypoallergenic Silcone Facial Lining. GroPro Option
  • Exclusive Anti-Fogging Patented Design. Continuous Fresh Air Flow with a double chamber air vent valve
  • 180° Panoramic Field of Vision. Shatterproof window for added safety.
  • Anatomic Design. 4 different SIZES: XS is perfect for kids up to the age of 10. S/M generally for Kids 11yr+, Tweens & Most Women. M/L for older Teen Boys & Average Men & some Women. L/XL for larger face Men & some Women.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

TRIBORD SUBEA EASYBREATH (2019 Version) Full Face Mask

Thenice Sports

This is another full-face snorkel mask that mimics the Tribord.  Just like the rest, the Thenice makes exploring and seeing the underwater world for those that wouldn’t normally be able to do so.  Personally, we have an issue with the Thenice and it’s a pretty large one:

The Thenice is the first on this list that actually feels like a cheap knock-off of the Tribord.  The big rubbery head strap gets stuck in hair and even on my bald head.  Also, the dry snorkel just didn’t work with the same consistency as the others and the seal is also suspect.  That being said, it is a cheaper and more affordable option for this list that you may be interested in.

THENICE 180 Full Face Snorkel Mask 2nd Gen.
  • The full face snorkeling mask provides you with a complete facial snorkel view area, lets you enjoy the magnificent beauty of coral reefs and exotic fisht,With our integrated GoPro Mount you can easily attach your GoPro camera to capture and share your adventure with friends and family.
  • Anti-fog and anti-leak Technology,Separate breathing room, Effectively preventing the impact of fog on snorkeling and You dont have to worry about water getting into their nose and mouth.This deters panic in younger or less confident snorkelers.lets you enjoy the magnificent beauty of coral reefs and exotic fish
  • Reliable 4-point head harness adjusts quickly and easily, providing a snug, dependable fit without painful hair pulling.Easy to adjust size and comfortable with your face
  • THENICE TECHNOLOGY stops salt water from getting into your mouth and prevents gagging. Spend less time worrying about water in your mask and more time snorkeling!
  • THENICE Mask comes in 2 sizes that can accommodate most all face dimensions with additional strap adjustments. Please refer to the sizing chart to determine your size. The L/XL is generally recommended for most men, while the S/M is recommended for most women and youths.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

THENICE 180 Full Face Mask 2nd Gen

H20 Ninja

If there’s a problem that I have with the H2O Ninja Mask it is that they just are high in price.  And, look, hey I know the owner of the company and they’ve asked me to review the mask…and I wanted to make sure that they knew it would be a fair and truthful review…as usual.

H2O Ninja X Full Face Snorkel Mask
  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. Only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer Certified Refurbished products on Amazon.com
  • H2O NINJA MASK X: The revolutionary full face snorkeling mask is designed to make snorkeling effortless and natural. The H2O Ninja Mask X Edition has taken a step further from the Original Edition. The mask is designed to let you breathe normally under the water, just the same as you would on land.
  • CAPTURE YOUR ADVENTURE: With the H2O Ninja Mask X, you can capture the beautiful ocean views not only with your eyes, but a GoPro camera for a truly memorable adventure. The mask features a detachable action camera mount, making it the most versatile snorkel in the world.
  • MORE AIR INTAKE: The new mask design allows you to have 25% more air intake and prevents water through the snorkel even better with two additional vents, compared to the Original Edition. The snorkel piece of the H2O Ninja Mask X was increased in length by 50% in order to optimize your breathing experience.
  • DESIGN & SIZING: The H2O Ninja Mask X has a design that is much more streamlined and slick compared to the original edition. To ensure that the mask is a great fit for you: measure the distance from the bridge of your nose to the bottom of the chin. If the distance is less than 4.8 inches, choose the Small/Medium size. If the distance is more than 4.8 inches, choose Large/XL.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Here it is: The H20 Ninja mask is a GREAT mask.  Not better than the Mares Sea Vu, Tribord or the Ocean Reef Aria but very much on par with those powerhouses.  It is, however, a better feeling and better made mask than the the SeaView 180.  However, the price on the H20 Ninja Mask is HIGH.  The difference between the H20 Ninja folks and the others is that they actually have a great customer service section.  I have emailed Tribord several times…and HAVE NEVER gotten a response.

H2O Ninja X Full Face Snorkel Mask

The Not So Honorable Mentions: (Big Thumbs Down!)

The masks below origionally made this list waaaay back in 2015 when originally wrote this post.  Unfortunately, they didn’t do very well and currently “RIP” in full face snorkel mask graveyard.


The Sumomoto has zero reviews on Amazon so at first I was reluctant to place it on this list.  That being said, it is another alternative to the Tribord and thus deserved to be mentioned.  Similar design and colors.

LC Prime(R)

The LC Prime has limited reviews with 60% of them being positive. There was one review in particular that stated the lens of the mask was inadequate and that its surface actually had bubbles on it PRIOR to being used in the water the first time.  The reviewer did comment on how comfortable the mask was on the face, though.

A Full Face Snorkel Mask Review from A Buyer:

Important Note: Before opting for one of the above masks, I feel that I should let you read this review by a user that compared the Tribord to the Thenice above.  This is in no means singling out the Thenice, but it is a perfect example of “you get what you pay for”.  Here it is: (I’ve bolded the highlights)

“I purchased a Tribord first and loved it. My 2 kids wanted to wear it also. I ended up getting them a green and a pink Thenice due to the price being alot better. All 3 masks were the small/medium size. After spending several hours in the waterwith both brands, I decided to leave a review that might help others decide, because I never really saw a clear review comparing both on here. The first time I entered the water with the Thenice, water flooded in through the snorkel when I went just under the surface of the water. After coming up and checking out the mask, I noticed the ball was stuck on the snorkel. After smacking it for several minutes I got it to free up and tried again. This worked better but water did dribble in through the snorkel most of the time. I thought maybe it was the seal but I’m pretty sure it was coming in from the snorkel. The Tribord has a slightly different design on their snorkel to keep out water and it worked very well in the rough waves of the ocean. I was in calm water with the Theniceconstantly dribbled in water from the snorkel. The thing that was the deal breaker for me is this thing will fog. The Tribord does not. I tried both Thenice masks and they both had the same 2 flaws. If I would would have never purchased the Tribord I would have thought the Thenice masks were the greatest things ever invented even with those 2 nagging flaws. If you are torn between the 2 definitely go with the Tribord. The Tribord from what I have read is the original and the Thenice are knockoffs. Hope this helps someone decide.”

The Tribord EasyBreathe is the Best Choice of Full Face Masks on the Market:

You can read our full review of the Tribord EasyBreathe here or just go straight to Amazon to grab it or research it more. By all means, though, don’t let me talk you out of buying one of the brands above.  As you can see, they are cheaper alternatives for those new snorkelers that may just being doing it one time.  However, like the reviewer said:  Tribord is the original.

Accessories for Your Full Face Snorkel Mask:

Snorkel Gear Bag

A Bag!  I mean, we always preach to “get a good snorkel gear bag” here on the Snorkel Store because so many sellers and brands will take a great snorkel set and pair it up with a completely terrible mask.  Of course, there are exceptions like the Cressi Gara Pro Snorkel Set and the Mares Sea Vu above.  The problem I have with this is that lots of people won’t tell you when you buy snorkel gear that the bag it comes with is pretty flimsy, cheap, and won’t fit everything that you need…so your need another bag for the beach.  Why?

Snorkel Vest

We’ve talked a lot about snorkel vests, as well.  We think they’re great for those that aren’t exactly confident about their swimming ability, either adults or kids.  If you’re a parent then you’ll feel a lot better that your kid is able to float on the water without much help.  Check out our great snorkel vest articles!

Update 2017

There are lots and lots of full face snorkel masks on the market these days.  Everyone has an opinion of which one is the best.  Being in Hawaii, we tend to have a special relationship with the H20 Ninja Mask people.  We use our H20 Ninja Mask often and we think they’re a quality, quality mask.  Since the last update on this page (our most popular on the site) there are even more on the market today and we’ve addressed many of them in additional reviews and posts:

We did an update on how we rank the new full face snorkel masks against some of the others above in our 2017 Edition of the Best Full Face Snorkel Masks Round up

We also have reviewed some individuals masks, including the H20 Ninja Mask and the Mares Sea Vu.

This page has become the go-to authority for full face snorkel masks on the internet and we’d love to do whatever we can to improve it.  If you have comments or suggestions for a snorkel mask that we haven’t reviewed then please leave it in the comments below.

Update 2019

The world of full face snorkeling masks continue to change.  We’ve gone through the tumultuous episode of the masks being blamed or suspected of causing drowning deaths in Hawaii. We have always said that you need to buy and use a reputable full face mask from a known snorkel or dive brand.  Don’t buy cheap knockoffs that are trying to capitalize on a trend for a quick buck.

We’ve added the Seaview 180 V2 to the list and put in replacement of the 1st Generation of the Seaview.  We feel that it’s the safest and best full face mask on the market.  We hope that you continue to snorkel safely and always enjoy it.  Until the next update…


    • Paul,

      I couldn’t find a Tribord with magnification or prescription. I looked when you asked but can’t seem to see one being sold anywhere with either of those two features.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you find what you’re looking for. Have fun snorkeling.


    • April…sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately you cannot wear glasses…as they would prevent the seal. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something that works for you.

    • Just as I was leaving my eye doctor with my awful new contacts for snorkeling I discovered they make glasses for kids sports where the arm detaches and the glasses are held on with an elastic band. If I don’t adjust to the contacts I am going back for these to use with my snorkel mask.

  1. Hi Ken,
    When you say:
    “This almost entirely a surface mask. Because of the size and volume of the mask, any diving would cause the pressure inside the mask and on your face to become uncomfortable.”
    Would I be able to dive to 10-20 feet without a pressure problem? I most commonly am in the 8-15 feet range. Thanks for the write-up!

    • Hi Sarah…thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, no the 10 to 20 feet range wouldn’t work, IMO. I am most comfortable with the Tribord at a max 3 feet. Here is a section from Tribord’s FAQ page:


      The Easybreath® was designed for surface snorkelling, which represents 90% of the practice.
      It is not possible to free dive for several reasons:
      1) The dry top system does not work in a horizontal position when duck diving.
      2) The volume of air contained in the Easybreath® is much greater than that contained in a traditional mask; from 1m deep, the pressure of the mask on the face becomes very uncomfortable.
      3) When you free dive, you need to equalize the pressure afterwards, i.e. hold your nose and blow through it gently as if you are blowing your nose in order to balance the pressure of the ears so as not to pierce your eardrums. With the Easybreath® it is impossible to equalize because you cannot get at your nose.”

      • ahhhhh …. nuts! That’s too bad although physics is (are?) inescapable I guess. Thanks very much for the info and the quick reply! Will save me some money tho. 🙂

  2. Our family is getting ready for a week-long snorkeling vacation in Mexico, but the support I can’t seem to find is regarding sizing.

    I have found a multitude of sizing charts, most from Decathlon/Tribord directly (Google Search images), but they vary in the information they provide and in two different charts, the X/S Junior indicates <9 cm and the other <10 cm. Other charts (in French from Decathlon) show a M/L option, which I don't believe is available but does randomly show up on some ebay and Amazon options. My family's biggest challenge is not knowing what to do when our face measurements hit right at/near the size changes. Is it recommended to go with the larger or the smaller size in these cases? My daughter's face is right at the cutoff mark for X/S to S/M (she's about 3.8/3.9)If the chart indicating <9 cm is correct, then we should be ordering the S/M. If the <10 is correct, then we are torn between getting the X/S and having her use if one a couple times before she outgrows it, or buy the S/M and chance her having leakage and a poor first-time snorkeling experience. My face also falls right on the cutoff mark for S/M to L/XL. If the M/L really existed, this would be ideal, but then again, with my measurement being right about 4.8, do I go with the L/XL so my husband can also use it, or will I be getting leakage due to this being too large for me.

    You mentioned in your article that you get a lot of hits to this page (many people interested in the Tribord), but not many people are buying; and I would agree price is a factor, but in our case, it's a combination of price and the inability to try the product on (due to it really only being available online through Amazon/Ebay, etc. in the USA). Purchasing without having any certainty of size could result in a big loss. Most sellers don't accept returns, so if you happen to get the wrong size, you've lost a good chunk of $$ on a product you won't be able to use.

    After that long narrative :), I suppose I'd like to know if you would have any input or suggestions regarding sizing. We REALLY want to buy these, but if we keep up this uncertainty for too long, we will probably give up and add to the list of people researching but not buying. Thanks.

    • Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for the feedback on the article and the questions. I’ll actually have to go back and change that line. We refer a lot of people to Amazon for the Tribord AND many of the other full face snorkel mask options.

      I understand the issue you’re having. If you’re in between sizes then it’s a hard call. Too big and the mask may leak, too small and it may be uncomfortable.

      I would say this: If you’re right on the cusp on size difference then I would opt for the larger mask. With strap adjustment it should fit well and seal correctly. If you go too small then it may be uncomfortable to wear.

      All the best. Snorkel Safe and Have a great time.


    • I am also at the border between medium to large. We opted to get the large tribord one so I can share it with my brothers. Yes the straps are adjustable but the mask was not sealing onto my jawline since it’s too big even if the straps were adjusted to the minimum. I just finished ordering the thenice brand size small to medium. I will let you know if this does a better job in sealing the whole face.

      • Thanks Marívic. We ended up buying the Head brand because it bacame available at our local sports shop shortly before we went on vacation, allowing us to try it out at a pool for size and water leakage. HEAD only offered two sizes… S/M and L/Xl. We bought two L and a S for our 7 year old daughter. The mask seems to work great for our daughter but when on vacation she seeNed more interested in the pool than the ocean so we didn’t get much use out if it for the money. In regards to both sizes, neither fit me well. The small did not fit my face and the large had a gap at my chin. I did use the large and it seemed to be fine even with a bit of leakage through the chin because this drained out when I raised my head from the water. However, in the case of both my husband and I. By the 2nd day, leakage around the face became more frequent…not sure if due to straps stretching from wetness or silicone warming up around our face. Once the salt water started seaping into our eyes, the snorkeling was not as pleasurable. So, $300 later, I think I probably should have just used the rental equipment at the local diveshop (they carried the full face masks in Mexico). I did see another 5 year old girl wearing the Tribord without complaints. Head worked fine on my child…. so I attribute problem likely to lack of multiple options in sizing for adults.

  3. Hello,

    Have you seen the Snorkl 2.0 thesnorkl.com I’m up in the air about which ones to pick up for my upcoming cruise.

    I’m not sure the Snorkl 2.0 is worth the extra money over the Tribord.

      • Thanks for the quick reply, I don’t really need a full set (we already have everything) just looking for a full face mask for my girlfriend and I.

        Would you suggest the mask in the set you linked or the Tribord?

        • That’s a hard one. Mares is known for snorkeling and diving equipment so the reputation is there. Tribord is known for full-face snorkel masks…so the reputation is there. I would actually opt for the Mares because it’s different, but the Tribord would have been my pick 4 months ago. LOL. They are comparable in quality, though, with a slight edge going to Mares. I know not that’s not really a recommendation but it’s how my brain works. Hope it works out and lemme know how it goes.

  4. I just bought an Azorro Elite Easy Breathe Full face mask from Amazon. The reviews were good on Amazon but I can’t find reviews anywhere else. Going to Maui and do a lot of snorkeling. Have you reviewed this brand at all?

    • Carol…I haven’t had the chance. The full face snorkel masks are popping up everywhere right now! They’re hard to keep up with. 90% of the features are the same on each one, though, if that helps.


  5. Been going back and forth on which to buy – Tribord or the newer (and more expensive) one from Head Sea Vue/Ocean Reef Aria (same company and product – just diff brand names). I read several Tribord reviews that some people experienced breathing restrictions when swimming more vigorously – that it’s really best for just floating, lighter movement. I also read a couple of reviews from buyers of the higher priced Head Sea Vue and Ocean Reef’s Aria models, which the dive shops seem to be carrying now. One user said specifically it had larger tubes that improved upon the restricted breathing issues of the Tribord. Have you heard anything about that? Has any bought the Head Sea Vu/Ocean Reef Aria?

    • Hi,

      We’ve referred quite of the Sea Vu since the review came out. Personally, I can tell you that *yes* the Sea Vu did seem easier to breathe and with less constriction. I’m sure this is one of the improvements made over the Tribord once the full face masks started to hit the market with a lot more product. It matters what you’re looking for…if you’re going to be doing more than chilling, floating and looking and you see the need for vigorous swimming then I would recommend the Sea Vu. If not then the Tribord will do fine.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Ken: thanks much for your quick response – very helpful. I figure one never knows when they might have to move a little quicker in the water – life can be unexpected! So will probably cough up the extra $$, just to have the improved capabilities. The frustrating thing is that the price will probably drop in next 6-12 months, like with anything else. Unfortunately, I’m not mature enough to wait.:)

  7. Two questions. First, any comparison between Tribord and SeaView? If they’re equivalent, the SeaView has a GoPro mount, which is an advantage. Second, any comment on the Ocean Reef aria mask? People are commenting on Amazon that the breathing tube is bigger, making it more comfortable. Thanks.

  8. I haven’t tried both, but my husband and I did buy and try the pricier Mares/Head Sea Vue (same company/model as ocean reef). We both agreed it was a very neat concept with good points, but ultimately decided it wasn’t for either of us and returned them.

    Even though I’ve just started snorkeling and am a newbie, I already am starting to venture into diving down beneath the surface to see something closer and the fact that I would always be limited to do that with this mask was a deal breaker for me, given the price.

    My husband, who really isn’t into snorkeling as much, but does enjoy it occasionally, felt it was too big and cumbersome on his face…if one needed to quickly adjust their mask on the fly, while in the water, this one seemed much more difficult for him to manipulate than a regular mask. He also felt like he was re-breathing his own air constantly and didn’t like that feeling.

    Again, these were the more expensive masks with the wider tube, so if anything, I’d think they’d be the best experience of the two.

    Having said all the above, these masks are VERY popular and there are many rave reviews about them. I just thought it might be helpful to hear from the minority – two people who were sure these would be “THE ONES” and ended up returning them.

    • Thanks for the comments! I won’t dive down, so that won’t bother me. Your husband’s experience is interesting. The problem is that it’s hard to know how I’ll like it until I put the money out and use it. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter!

  9. Hello,

    Early this year…

    Snorkel Ken says:
    January 13, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    you replied to a post with the name April who asked about being able to wear glasses. You said unfortunately no you can’t wear glasses.

    I wanted to continue that thought and ask if you know of any brands or a retrofit that can be done to enable the use of glasses. To me this is potentially the beast reason for having these masks. It can enable someone with bad eyesight to continue wearing glasses and fully appreciate the beauty of snorkeling.

  10. I read that you cannot use glasses with the Tribord mask, or any other mask fot that matter.

    I have snorkled few times, I wear glasses, but with the mask and under water you do not need your glasses because the water acts as a glass. I could see under water without glasses and with mask as good and clear as I can on land with my glasses on.

  11. Hi Ken! We are going to Maui and wanting to get a new mask. If you were going snorkeling which mask would you reach for? A full face mask and if so would you still recommend the Head Mares? Or would you opt for a standard mask? And if so which brand? We don’t dive down because of my ear issues… I appreciate any input!

  12. Hi Ken,

    Would a full face snorkel mask get in the way of freestyle/front crawl swimming? I currently swim at the beach using a pair of Speedo goggle and breathing in typical freestyle fashion. I want to try using a full face mask to avoid getting too much sea water in my mouth.

    • Well, I don’t think it would get in the way that much unless your crawl is super tight to your ears. Does that make sense? It is bulkier around the face. Not a pro swimmer, though. I know a lot of people use swimming snorkels for what you’re talking about. link


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