6 Best Snorkel Gear Bags to Carry Your Gear and More!


Last Updated on June 22, 2023 by Snorkel Ken


Note:  For the purpose of this article we will recommend the Top 3 Individual Snorkeling Bags and the Top 3 Large Snorkeling Bags.

Snorkeling gear bags are an important part of your snorkeling adventure. In many cases, the snorkeling gear set that you buy will come with a carry bag. We’ve found that most of those bags aren’t worth much more than transporting your new snorkel set from the initial purchase to your first snorkel adventure.

Your opinion may differ from ours, though. It really just matters what you’re planning on doing with your gear, how often you plan on snorkeling, where you plan on snorkeling, and how long you plan on storing your snorkeling gear in between uses.

We always go snorkeling with at least two people. We never snorkel alone.

So here’s what we usually like to be able to fit in our snorkeling bag:

  • 2 complete sets of snorkel gear (two masks, two snorkels, 4 fins)
  • Bottle of sunscreen
  • Bottle of mask defogger
  • 1 GoPro with float stick and waterproof case.
  • 1 Nikon CoolPix camera
  • Two Hydro Flasks of Water
  • 2 beach towels
  • Waterproof bags (sandwich size) for phones, jewelry and money (depending on pre or post snorkel activities)
  • Food items such as granola, protein bars, and jerky.
  • Possible items that we bring: books, clothes to change into, hats, etc.

Other Requirements:

  • Back carried like a backpack.
  • Light weight
  • Quick drying

You can see that we have to fit a lot into our bag so we’re actually asking quite a bit from our snorkeling gear bag and we have searched far and wide for the perfect bag for our needs.

Why do you need all of that for a snorkeling trip?

Not all of the snorkeling spots that we frequent are right off the road or close to a beach parking lot. Sometimes we have to hike or walk for a little bit prior to getting to a snorkel spot that we’re aiming for. So it’s easier if we have everything we need right in a snorkel bag on our back. If snorkeling at a local beach or popular spot then we don’t need this kind of bag even though we usually bring it, along with an extra load of food in a medium-sized, shoulder carried, soft cooler for more water and food. So, like we said it really just matters what kind of activities you’ll doing mostly.

Also, we like to rinse our snorkeling gear in fresh water as you should to keep your gear healthy and longer lasting. Once back home or at a local beach with a shower head, we usually take everything out of the snorkel bag except for the gear and generously soak and rinse it with the fresh water. Then when we are home we can just take the items out and lay them out for drying…this is why we like the bag to also have a quick dry feature.

If you feel that this type of basic load is similar to what you’ll be lugging around on snorkeling adventures than below is a list of our 10 favorite snorkeling bags.

Best Individual Snorkel Gear Bags


Promate Deluxe Snorkel Bag

This bag is large enough to carry 1 set of everything that you need in our list. For instance, one full set of snorkeling gear, towel, defogger, food, water, etc. This is the bag, along with the US Divers and Aqualung below that is best if you’ll be carrying your own snorkel gear around.


US Divers Coast Back Pack

US Divers is a leader in the snorkel gear industry and we recommend them at all times. The bag below, made by US Divers parent company Aqua Lung, is a bag that is a little bit of higher quality but which still holds what you need to capacity.


Aqua Lung Deluxe Snorkel Pack

AquaLung does lots of dive and snorkel apparel and gear. They are the premiere producer and provider of quality snorkel gear in the world. Take the time to compare US Divers and AquaLung snorkel gear and you’ll find that the AquaLung stuff is a little more expensive for a slightly higher quality of product.


Best Large Snorkel Gear Bags


Stahlsac Snorkel Bags

These are exactly the kind of bags we’re looking for; large, quick-drying, and back carried. While Stahlsac and the other two bags below (New Mares and Akona) are a little more expensive than the previous ones, you’ll soon find out the true benefit of having a large, snorkeling bag on hand for every excursion.


New Mares Deluxe Bag

The New Mares Deluxe is a big, sturdy bag but it is mesh. Mesh is never one of our first choices for material both for privacy and durability but the New Mares is a different animal. Wide straps make the bag comfortable to carry and it folds into itself for easy storage after use. This is helpful for traveling if you’re not storing your gear in it the entire time which could easily an conveniently be done.


Akona Large Dive or Snorkel Bag

This is an incredibly durable bag that adds extra space by placing a “fanny bag” like attachment to the outer and lower portion of the bag. This is the perfect place for your waterproof bag with phone and wallet, sun glasses, defogger, and sunscreen.


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