NEW Full Face Snorkel Mask Set with Mares Sea Vu and Ocean Pro Fins


Mares Full Face Snorkel Mask Set











  • Flawless full face design
  • Quality gear all around
  • Great Bargain when bundled


  • Mesh Bag
  • Small dry bag

Last Updated on June 25, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

This is one of those snorkel sets that I saw and I just had to review.  I’m always scouring the market for new sets and, let’s face it, it’s kind of difficult to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to putting together a set of snorkel gear that is all that different from the rest.  They come with a mask, snorkel, and fins…as well as a carry bag if you’re lucky.  The best that manufacturers and sellers can hope for is that their gear stands out from others.   I think the Mares Head Sea Vu full-face snorkel mask does just that.  When you couple it with a good snorkel and really great Ocean Pro fins, well, then you have something a little bit special.

It used to be that Tribord had the market cornered when it came to the full-face snorkel mask bit.  Then, slowly, we began to see others follow.  We’ve reviewed the Tribord and others in other places on this site.  However, this is the first time that we’re seeing a full-face by a known, quality snorkel gear maker start to get put together in a great set.  So, let’s not wait any longer.  Let’s take a closer look at this snorkel set!

Features of the Head Mares Full Face Snorkel Mask Set:

Mask and Snorkel  (all in one!)

The Sea Vu is the one of the hottest and newest things that Mares has added to its line recently.  It’s about a $100+ mask all by it’s lonesome.  The comfortable soft silicone sits and seals nicely against the face.  The design keeps the viewing area from fogging up…and that is one large huge viewing area, folks.  You won’t miss a thing.  The snorkel sits on top and out of the way.  Just like other full face mask designs, this mask allows you to breathe with the use of your nose and mouth just like on dry land.



These are Ocean Pro Escape fins, ladies and gents’!  Great snap in the kick will get where you need. They’re light weight, easy to get on and off with quick adjust buckles and the design is made to help push you through the water, be comfortable, and reduce the stress on the swimmer’s legs. How’s that for a new word that I’m learning:  Hydrodynamics!


Carry Bag and Dry Bag

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  If there’s one place that lacks in most snorkel sets it’s in the carry bag.  This one is not much different.  It’s not a bad bag by any means, it’s just that I think most snorkel sets could do a lot better by lumping in a really good snorkel carry bag.  You know, something that you could use as your “everything” bag when you go snorkeling.  But that’s just me. If you want other options, then we’ve already reviewed some of our favorite snorkel bags here.  The Sopras dry bag is an added bonus to this set, though.   Throw your wallet, phone and keys in there to protect them and you won’t be sorry.

Final Analysis:

What can I say, I’m excited about this snorkel set. It was only a matter of time before we started seeing full-face snorkel mask being put into gear sets and I’m glad that time is here.  These masks help people who wouldn’t normally be able to snorkel have the ability to do so.  In the past, those with problems with only breathing through their mouth, having a snorkel in their mouth, or with facial hair had to sit on the beach while everyone else had a great time snorkeling.  If you’re in the market for a great snorkel set, and particularly a quality, full-face mask and fins then this is the one for you.  (You can buy each part separately if you wanted and I’ve linked to them throughout the article.  Or, you can get the entire set at the link below and further check it our on Amazon!


  1. Mask








    Hey, you mentioned people with facial hair… I have a full beard and am concerned that the full mask will not work for me. Do you have any experience or evidence to the contrary? I’m really tempted to buy, but I don’t want to get something that simply won’t work… and no, I’m not willing to shave the beard. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • David…sorry, bro. Not that I’m aware of and it seems like it kind of would be a waste of money. Full beard, long and on neck? Yeah. No good. You can try something like this I guess…snorkel helmetLOL

      Actually, looking at your photo…you may be able to get away with a traditional mask and use some moustache wax for a decent or good seal. Give it a go. Look here...

      But it matters where you go!

      Seriously, though..there are places that offer these kinds of tours. Where are you heading? Here’s more images of snorkel helmets….

  2. I have heard that you can only go 4-5 feet deep when using the full face mask….could you tell me if this is true or not? thanks.

    • Nick,

      I had a reader tell me they went 12 feet in one. Personally, I’ve never gone that far with mine. I’ll test out next time I get out with my full face. I believe the reader though.

  3. I am going to Tulum with my fiance for our honeymoon next month. We want to purchase snorkel gear to have for our trip and future trips. I have snorkeled before and I am comfortable doing it, but it was a really cheap set from Walmart. Do you suggest a full face mask like the one above or get a traditional set. I am just so unfamiliar with all of the gear. We would like good gear that will last.

    • Hi Diana,

      If you’re comfortable snorkeling then I would go with a traditional set… Of course, the full face are very comfortable and work well, too. It’s really up to you. I suggest a TUSA or AquaLung set above all else, in most cases. The Mares Sea Vu with the fins is a good set, though, and it packs pretty easily. Congrats on the marriage and have a great honeymoon!


  4. Mask








    How about the Snorkl 2.0? Any thoughts against these? They all seem similar but these guys are claiming works pretty well with a beard — which I have ๐Ÿ™‚ Any thoughts?


    • Jon,

      I’m sorry. I haven’t gotten around to reviewing the Snorkl 2.0 yet, but, yes they all seem to be VERY similar. -Ken


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