H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkel Mask Review


H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkel Mask





  • High-Quality
  • Tested in Hawaiian waters
  • No leak, good fit
  • No fog


  • Depth
  • Color limits

Last Updated on June 28, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

The full face snorkel mask market is all the rage in snorkeling these days. Since Tribord first put their full face on the market a few years back, the patents have run out, the manufacturers have started producing, and anyone with a few buck is re-branding those knock-offs as the “best full face snorkel mask”.  The problem is, that with our experience, it’s difficult to put one over on us.

That also means that we truly appreciate a quality item that isn’t just the same run of the mill product that everyone else is trying to sell. Enter the H20 Ninja Mask.

First things first:  This is a company that is based in Hawaii, specifically, Oahu.  They’ve snorkeled Hawaiian Island waters and they know what works and what doesn’t in the waters and around the Pacific and Carribean reefs.  It just comes with experience and knowledge that is bred into and then handed down from generation to generation.  Take a look at their website and you’ll see that the images and photos are all local Oahu spots.

Lizzy and I got our H20 masks in the mail and the first thing that you notice is the professional packaging and branding.  The delivery looks sharp and that make s a great first impression.  Not only that, though, there’s a sticker in each box (that I’m sure has a purpose) but I put smack dab on my laptop.  Now, whenever I’m working at a Starbucks or a library then people know I’m the real deal:  A Snorkeler!  LOL

Features and Benefits of the H20 Ninja Mask

Models:  The H20 full face snorkel mask comes in two models: Traditional and GoPro.  Believe me, it’s a great addition to a mask (any mask!) when it comes with a build in GoPro attachment. This takes you from having to worry about the camera all day or just hit record (or take pictures every “X” seconds) and actually enjoying the snorkeling more and not whether you got a good picture of that moray eel all curled up and hiding in that hole in the coral.

Quality:  The quality of the H2o is what really sets it apart from some of the others on the market.  We’ve dealt with all sorts of full face snorkel masks in the last two years and it’s easy to tell quality at this point. The H2o Ninja is made of high-quality material. It’s comfortable.  The pieces and fittings are snugly placed and there’s true attention to detail throughout.


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The lens is a 180 degree view of shatter-proof polycarbonate is gives you a beautiful, crystal clear viewing of the entire area in front and around you.  The innovative design prevents fogging in the viewing area and it’s as comfortable to breathe in the mask as it is on land.

Dry top technologies and and state-of-the-art seals prevent water from entering the snorkel area and just in case there is a problem and water does get it in it is as simple as a quick breath outwards to clear the mask.

Mustache ready!  The H20 Ninja Mask’s design takes the issue of facial hair out of the equation.  Mustaches are no problem and the mask will still work great with about 2 days of beard growth. Anything more than that and you’ll need to look into some wax…or shave the beard, guys!


Step 1. Measure the distance from nose bridge to the bottom of the chin.

Step 2. If the distance is less than 12 cms or 4.8 inches, choose Small/Medium.

Step 3. If the distance is more than 12 cms or 4.8 inches, choose Large/XL.


There really isn’t one.  However, as with ALL full-face snorkel masks, this isn’t a free diving mask.  The large volume and air inside the mask prevent diving to any deeper than 8 to 10 feet before the pressure becomes unbearable.

Final Analysis:

If you’re going to get a full face snorkel mask this year (and we highly recommend you do!) or beyond, then the H2o Ninja Snorkel Mask is probably the one to get.  It will last a long time and it’s dang near the best product on the market today.  Lizzy and I love ours when we’re lazing around at the beach and want to have a great time snorkeling and get some awesome photos.

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