TUSA Sport Powerview Snorkel Gear Review


TUSA Sport Powerview


Great option, Our Top 5!



  • Comfort on every piece
  • Fit and Seal
  • Highest Quality silicone


  • No purge in mask
  • Carry bag is inadequate

Last Updated on June 26, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

The TUSA Sport Powerview is one of our favorite snorkel gear sets of all-time. Why?  Our other tester, Lizzy, tried several snorkel sets before settling on the TUSA Powerview as her “main” set-that is-the one that she uses when we’re just snorkeling for fun and not even testing.  From the minute that she bought the set she kept on commenting on the comfort of the fit of the mask and how well the fins propelled her through the water.

After a few times out on the water, I had to give the TUSA set a try and I was really impressed.  I knew that TUSA made some really good snorkel sets, but I was also aware that they didn’t have a huge line of sets like, say, US Divers.  After wearing and using this set I understood why.  TUSA just doesn’t need that many sets to be competitive in the industry.  Thee are actually a few features of this mask that I wouldn’t normally opt for in a set, personally, but after using it I can tell you that it all works great and it all comes together in a great snorkel gear set.

Features of the TUSA Sport Powerview


Two window frame is made so that the lenses actually widen and give you a rather large viewing area in front of you.  The EZ adjust buckles made the mask a cinch to get on, off, and adjusted to my liking even while in the water.  The mask lenses are tempered glass with a clear and precise view.  The mask skirt is black silicone regardless of the color option you choose and it is also double-edge, crystal silicone.  This means that it is soft and seals perfectly against most faces. The strap is also split for comfort and fit so that it snugs up against a wide area of the back of your head.  This keeps the mask firmly in place without too much pressure.


snorkel set review tusa powerview sport
Alternate Color: Black Green as opposed to Black Red

Ultra-Dry snorkel technology makes sure that water stays out of your snorkel while on the surface or when diving.  The valve closed consistently whenever I submerged and was able to open automatically on my first breath when I surfaced.  The mouth piece is soft and comfortable as well as the connecting silicone between the tube and the mouth area.  This is a huge advantage, in my opinion.  Some snorkels can have too rigid of a connection piece between plastic and mouthpiece.  This one is perfect.  The snorkel also has a one-way purge valve to clear water out of the drain chamber in case water does get in, which was very rare in my experience.


The TUSA Tourer fins have a unique and impactful design.  They are not long or short, but standard so that everything fits snugly in your snorkel gear bag of choice.  The Thrust Channel Technology makes for easy kicking and great movement and maneuverability through the water.  They weigh so very little but pack a powerful stroke in the water.  A great choice for a travel set.  They are an open heel design with quick and easy adjustable straps and buckles for a secure and comfortable fit.


As in many sets that I review, if there was one weakness about the TUSA Sport Powerview  it is in the very basic “purchase and carry” bag.  This means that the bag that you buy it in is supposed to be the one that you carry and travel your snorkel set in.  I don’t recommend that.  Grab another bag that is more use friendly and comfortable.  This basic mesh, zipper and plastic bag just doesn’t do it for me.

Final Analysis:

One of the Top 5 Snorkel Sets that I have reviewed on this site and one of my favorites to use on the regular.  The mask and fins fit perfectly and it is one of the most comfortable snorkels that I have used.

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