WOW! Wear Glasses and Corrective Lenses while Snorkeling with Full Face Snorkel Mask


Last Updated on July 1, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

So….it’s finally here!

People have asked me a lot if they can wear their glasses with snorkel masks.  Up until today, I wasn’t aware of a snorkel mask that you could wear your spectacles while snorkeling.  Well, the people and makers over at Ocean Reef have done it for you.  Yes, Ocean Reef.  The same people who make the awesome Aria full face snorkel mask. (Go and read that full review.)

Ocean Reef now puts out their “Ocean Reef Optical Lenses” that is specifically made for the Aria.  Now, keep in mind that these are just insertable frames and the lenses don’t come with your purchase.  However, check this out from a happy buyer on Amazon reviews:

“I was able to easily get my prescription for this lens with no problem. I simply took item to my local shop and had my prescription installed in an hour. It fits great on the mask. I had no issues with it getting in the way of me diving. I would recommend to all.”

Check out the video here and then click the link at the bottom of the article to go grab your inserts (and a mask?) over at Amazon.


To me, this is a pretty big breakthrough.  I love the fact that this answers a lot of people’s needs so that they can totally enjoy the snorkeling life.  I currently wear contact lenses but knowing that if I wanted to ever get rid of the lenses and go to glasses again, then I can still enjoy what I love to do most.  

Note:  If you’re reading this, PLEASE spread the word.  I think this will mean a lot to a lot of people who love to snorkel and always wanted to do it with perfect vision.  


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