Cressi Gara Pro Snorkel Set


Cressi Gara Pro Snorkel Set











  • Best Fins in the biz
  • Free Diving Capable
  • Long fins and bag to fit


  • Mask and Snorkel are good enough

Last Updated on July 4, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

For the serious snorkeler or free diver, it can be hard to find a set that is up to all of their specifications. However, many times the cause is not just because such things aren’t out there, but rather because they have been looking for equipment that is made more for the casual user. The Cressi Gara set combines the fins, the mask, and the snorkel from Cressi’s absolute top of the line products.

Unlike other long fin sets that neglect to include a bag for the sake of having you buy more accessories, the Cressi Gara set features a free diving gear bag for easy transportation of the highlight of this snorkel set – the Gara Professional LD fins.

As this set is such a premium high caliber, it is useful for more than just snorkeling. With the powerful long fins and Cressi’s new Corsica snorkel that is designed specifically to thrive in spear fishing and free diving conditions, this is a set that is flexible for all your ocean activities.

Features of the Cressi Gara Professional Set

Cressi Focus Silicone Mask: The best mask in terms of versatility. This low-volume, twin-lens mask gives snorkelers the perfect combination of size, fit, and durability that allows for the best fit and performance over long periods of time. The mask also features lenses that are easy to change out with prescription lenses.

Cressi Corsica Snorkel: As one of Cressi’s newer models of snorkel, the Corsica uses a blend of special polymers that allows it to bend without becoming warped. For those that want to use this for snorkeling, it doesn’t add much value, but for spear fishers and free divers, it allows the snorkel to bend against objects and then to spring right back into place.

Cressi Gara Professional LD Fins: These fins are designed for high performance, and easily the best part of the set overall. Unlike its predecessor, the LD model provides a more flexible fin that feels more fluid in the water and gives a softer kick so that you don’t need to have the legs of an Olympic swimmer to get the best performance. The special elastomer polypropylene material makes these long blade fins ideal for covering long distances with less effort. Unfortunately, with its foot pocket, you need hit relatively close to the ball park in foot pocket size if you don’t want the fins to rub.

Long Blade Fin Freediving Gear Bag: Short fin sets typically come with a gear bag, but not many long fins sets do. However, the gear bag isn’t anything too special. It is essentially just designed to hold your fins with a little space for the mask and snorkel. However, there are no outside pockets to hold any of your other gear.

Final Analysis

Due to its versatility, this is a great snorkel set for whatever you want to do in the water. It features some of Cressi’s top equipment and rounds it up in a neat little package. However, while the snorkel and mask have comparable alternatives within the Cressi brand and other brands, it is the wonderful long fins that really make it worth the buy.


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