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Ever since the release of the first model from Tribord, the full face snorkeling mask market has been growing exponentially due in no small part to the demand for them. While Tribord still stands as one of the best, that doesn’t mean that great new models aren’t coming out each year.

If you haven’t tried the full face snorkel mask model yet, you are missing out on one of the best innovations in this adventure sport. They have their benefits for adult snorkelers, but due to the fact that the masks are easier to breathe in, they are an excellent option for kids as well. As more snorkelers are choosing the full face snorkeling mask for the wider field of vision and the ability to breathe easier through both your nose and mouth, new models continue to improve on the design. This is why each new full face snorkeling mask that is released is an exciting moment because companies continue to improve on the design so it will be the only snorkel mask that you ever need. However, what about these new models? Do they continue to improve on the design that everyone fell in love with?

What’s Changed with Full Face Snorkel Masks?

Almost universally with all new full face snorkel masks you will note a few things in common. First, they almost all come with dry top snorkels which are great for diving and keeping any errant waves out. However, dry tops are standard with almost all snorkel sets these days. The biggest innovation that you will note is the new separate breathing pocket. This pocket sections off the mouth and nose so your breath isn’t circulating the whole mask. Some of the older models may lack this and it can make circulating old air out and bring fresh air in more difficult.

If you have tried full face snorkel mask before and thought they could use some work, maybe it is time to give them a try again. These new full face snorkel masks below have made some great comfort and usability improvements that make them well worth a try.

The Super Snorkel Tubeless Full Face Snorkeling Mask

The “super” snorkel is a pretty big name to put on any snorkel, not just full face mask in an increasingly crowded market for them. However, this new full face snorkel mask is the best of the bunch and definitely earns its name as a truly super snorkel.


  • Sectioned off nose and mouth cavity for easy breathing
  • Fog resistant design
  • Panoramic 180 degree view
  • Silicone seal and adjustable comfort straps
  • GoPro-ready camera mount
  • Comes with diving bag

The super snorkel has perfected their design by featuring a sectioned off mouthpiece. This allows the mask to efficiently push out air and filter in fresh air while keeping out water with the guarded dry top that extends out of the water. By keeping the breathing area separate unlike other masks, this also prevents the mask from fogging up so you can take full advantage of the view without having to wrestle your mask off to defog it during your snorkel trip. With a GoPro mount and a silicone seal that prevent leakage even if you have facial hair, this is a mask you don’t wanna’ pass over.

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The SeaFin Full Face Snorkeling Mask

A product of the Shark Gear company, a beloved retailer of outdoor adventure gear, the SeaFin full face snorkel mask takes the design that made full face snorkeling masks so adored by both new and old snorkelers then improves upon it with small, but crucial features.


  • Sectioned nose and mouth cavity to allow natural breathing
  • Dry top snorkel and chin drain valve
  • Adjustable straps with youth sizes
  • Wide angle, anti-fogging lens
  • Comes with diving bag

Like the Super Snorkel above, the SeaFin takes full advantage of the newest evolution in full face snorkeling masks with its sectioned mouth and nose pocket that allows for easy and efficient breathing compared to traditional tube and mask sets. However, it is the snorkel that is the best part of this mask since its dry top allows for easy diving beneath the water with easy tube clearing and drainage if choppy water does happen to bypass the dry top.

This mask comes in five stylish color options. However, for all future and current GoPro or mounted snorkel camera enthusiasts, only the black and white color options come with camera mounts built onto the mask.

Made from durable material with a seal that is built for comfort, this is a mask you don’t need to treat with child gloves either. With youth sizes, its durability and adjustability are also what make it an excellent choice for the whole family.

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Diving Line Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Our final new full face snorkel mask option comes in a lot more vibrant colors than both previous entries, but that doesn’t mean it shirks all the features either. It is just proof that you don’t need to sacrifice everything that makes full face snorkeling masks great just to have style.


  • Sectioned nose and mouth breathing pocket
  • Dry top snorkel perfect for keeping water out
  • Anti-fog panoramic lens
  • Go-Pro camera mount on the mask
  • Comes with waterproof iPhone diving case and bag

Like the above models, this DivingLine full face snorkeling mask uses the sectioned nose and mouth pocket for breathing which makes for easy, stress-free breathing for both kids and adults. This new evolution has made full face masks the perfect way to get into snorkeling if you are daunted by breathing just through only your mouth through a tube. Unlike the SeaFin model, every one of the six color options comes with a GoPro mount. However, the most loveable bit of this particular model is the seal. It is designed for comfort, but in the water is really feels nice and snug on your face without being tight or uncomfortable.

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