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Last Updated on July 5, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

A beach snorkeling adventure may have a 50 to 100 meter swim out to the coral, fish, turtles, and dolphins.  Makaha Beach Park on Oahu is a great example of this.  Unless you’re on a snorkel tour or a personal method of propulsion, you’ll need to swim from the beach to the “sweet spot” where the turtles are. That’s a 100 meter swim!

And many of the worlds greatest snorkel spots are a little further away from the entry spot than you may think or like.  That’s why Underwater Scooters are the way to go.  If  you snorkel a lot then you will quickly see why an underwater scooter will make your life much, much easier.

You’ll be able to explore more area of the water in a shorter amount of time and you’ll also be saving yourself lots of valuable energy by grabbing onto that scooter and gliding through the water without effort.

Underwater Scooters Main Benefits

  • Saves you valuable energy.
  • Saves you valuable time.
  • Makes you the coolest damn snorkeler in the water.

Swimming takes a lot of effort. Sure, snorkeling is a great workout but sometimes you just want to get to where the good areas to snorkel are and explore all the things underwater in as little time as possible and without expending all of that energy.

There are many places that may require a good amount of swimming from the shore just to get to the place where you want to the snorkeling.  I’m the kind of person that wants to get to the primo snorkeling spots and “live” in that spot for hours.  An underwater scooter gets me there without using the energy and faster than I would without one.

Imagine kayaking or boating out to your favorite snorkel spot and swimming for hours with the marine life and investigating corals.  You’ll have been in the water for an hour or more.  Then when you look up, your kayak or boat is 50 meters away.  Right where you left it.  But you just snorkeled until you were far enough away to not want to snorkel back.  The underwater scooter takes that stress away.  More than that though, tired bodies swimming tend to drown.  Your snorkel scooter saves that energy and gets you back to where you need to be safely.

Details of Underwater Scooters

Snorkel scooters are actually called dive propulsion vehicles or DPVs.  These DPVs vary in scope and price.  They are able to propel you through the water at speeds of 2 to 4 miles per hour (3 to 6 kilometers) and can go as deep as 100 to 300 feet.

Since this is a snorkel site you’re are not going to need to take yourself up to 100 feet deep, but these snorkel scooters will save you time and energy. (We’re going to continue to beat those points home.)

The best thing about not needing a high-end, SCUBA diving DPV is that you’re snorkel scooter will cost you a lot less.  Of course, you can always go and get a higher-end one but all you’re really looking for from your snorkel scooter is a propulsion system to get you somewhere faster and with less effort.  That’s how we’ve chosen the line of underwater scooter reviews that we’re doing here at The Snorkel Store.