PROMATE Kids Snorkeling Set Review with Purge Mask and Dry Snorkel


Promate Kids Snorkeling Set with Vest



  • Best Kids Snorkel Set
  • Snorkel Vest (option)
  • Soft, comfortable and dry snorkel


  • Cheap bag that kids will find difficult to carry

Last Updated on June 25, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Promate is a brand we trust highly in and this is one of the best snorkeling sets for kids that we have come across.  For that reason, it is going to #1 on our “Kids Snorkeling Sets” rating for a while to come.  They are one of the best diving companies in the world and they make great recreational snorkeling gear for adults and kids.  The mask skirt is made of soft, comfortable silicone with a patented design to push bubbles away from the viewing area.  The snorkel is dry snorkel (it claims to be 100% dry but we had water in ours a time or two when we were trying it).  Also, the fins are a soft rubber with an open heel design for the comfort of small, growing feet.

This is a safe, reliable snorkeling set for any kid.  Also, the set comes in two ways: mask, snorkel, fins and drawstring bag OR mask, fins, snorkel, drawstring bag and snorkel vest for the ones who need it.  Personally, I recommend that all kids wear a snorkel vest until both they and the parents are 100% comfortable with them snorkeling without a vest.

Details of the Promate Kids Snorkeling Set:promate-kids-snorkel-set

  • Promate Pace Junior Snorkeling Fins
  • Promate Chico Purge Junior Mask
  • Promate Nino Junior 100% Dry Snorkel
  • Nylon Mesh Bag w/ Cord Drawstring
  • Ideal snorkeling combo set for Youth, Juniors, and small Adults.

Below are the Options for this Promate Kids Snorkel Set.

Remember, that the snorkeling vest will be a little more money but a lot more peace of mind!


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