Promate Frameless Snorkel Mask Review with Dry Snorkel


Promate Frameless Mask with Dry Snorkel





  • Low volume
  • Tempered Glass
  • Dry snorkel


  • No fins?

Last Updated on July 1, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

You can go one of two ways here, really.  Promate makes two really good masks, this one-the Raven- and the other is the Shamu.  They are both really good.  However, the Raven usually costs a little bit more. This is your chance to get the Promate Raven mask at a great price.  Right now, you can buy the Promate Raven for more than 60% off.  So, instead of the usual $109.95, you pay $39.95.

Features of the Raven Promate Mask:


Frameless Mask:

  • Really low volume.  Good for SCUBA, free diving, spear fishing and snorkeling.
  • Fits medium faces the best.
  • Tempered glass, large view.
  • Crystal liquid silicone for the mask skirt and strap make it durable and comfortable.
  • Sealed with double edge tech.
  • Very light snorkel mask with low volume and quick release buckles and straps for fast and easy adjustments.


  • Dry Snorkel 100% of the time.  Upper valve closes when submerged keeping water out.  Splash guard keeps water out at surface.
  • Housing for whistle is built in.
  • Snorkel keeper is sturdy and reliable.  Doesn’t snap!
  • Formed and curved to make wear ultra-easy and ultra-comfortable.
  • Purge valve at the bottom snorkel made of silicone to easily clear.

This mask and snorkel set from Promate is available in black, clear, blue, pink and titanium.


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