Mares Snorkel Set Review with Long Blades, Dry Snorkel, Mask and Long Fin Bag


Mares Long Fin Snorkel Set


Mares' Best set



  • Low volume mask
  • Dry Snorkel
  • Long fins
  • Long Fins bag


  • Long fins don't travel well.
  • No maks purge

Last Updated on June 22, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Three things about this Mares Razor Snorkel Set stand out right away: the long fins, the low-volume free diving mask, and the carry bag that fits all of it.

You don’t always get a bag with this kind of snorkel set because snorkel gear companies like to separate the “accessories” and have consumers buy them separately, especially when you’re talking about long fins. There are a lot of good snorkel sets that include travel fins (shorter) or standard fins with a bag but they won’t usually give you long fins and a bag.

This set does that.

As you might be able to tell from the price, this is a premium snorkel set. It is in the free-diving-spear fishing-snorkel family, in our opinion. This means that you can use this set for a lot of things and it has great versatility.

Features of the Mares Snorkel Set with Long Finsmares-long-fin-snorkel-set

Mask: Low-volume, free diving mask from Phantom Aquatics. Comfortable and secure. It keeps water out and the pressure off of your face…even when you submerge.

Dry Snorkel: This is another Phantom Aquatics piece of equipment. The dry snorkel is designed to keep water out of the snorkel at the surface and when you submerge.

Mares Long Blade Fins: These are full foot fins that are extra long for that added speed and power when swimming or diving in the water. These are the good fins of the type that professional free-divers use.

Mares Long Fin Bag:Like we said earlier, you don’t always get this type of long fin bag, even when you buy long fins…you would normally have to buy it separately. It comes with an outside, zip up pouch to store sunscreens, defogger and the like.

Final Analysis:

Great snorkel set that can be used for recreational snorkeling, free-diving, or spear fishing. There are not a lot of disadvantages about this snorkel gear set that we can name because it hits all of our major needs: Great mask, dry snorkel, great fins, and adequate bag.

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