TUSA Sport Serene Snorkel Set Review


TUSA Sport Serene


TUSA does it again



  • Soft, comfortable crystal silicone
  • Wide view
  • Thrust channel fins


  • No carry bag
  • Limited colors

Last Updated on June 30, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Our final TUSA snorkel set review is the Sport Serene Set. For a full review of TUSA and the best TUSA sets please visit this page. Even after all this time we stand by our claim that TUSA consistently puts out quality gear that is dependable and fits well. Not all snorkel gear is made well. Those of you, including me, who have bought snorkel gear from manufacturers that are not on the “6 Best Snorkel Gear Brands” list know that all too well.

The Sport Serene set is a quality snorkel package that has a mask, snorkel and fins. Like the of the sets in this series, though, this particular set does not come with a gear bag.  The design is well thought out and the make of the set is of the highest quality in the industry.

Features of the TUSA Sport Serene Snorkel Gear Set:

Colors:  Pink


Wide field of view and ultra clear lens.  Easy to adjust buckles and straps that are comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off.  The skirt is made of crystal silicone and the make is a low volume mask that is perfect for divers of all types.


TUSA’s patented Hyper Dry Elite technology ensures that water stays out of the tube from surface splash and also closes effectively when submerged and opens again when you surface.  In our time using the Sport Serene we found the mouthpiece to be awesomely designed with an ergonomic curve and soft to “bite” on when in the mouth.


The UF-21 model fins that TUSA pairs with this set are constructed for durability in use and maneuverability in the water.  They have a multi-flex long blade design that thrusts the water down constructed channels right on the fin to get the most out of every flutter and kick.  Open heel design for comfort and the straps and buckles come on and off as easily as the mask.

Final Analysis:

This is our final review of TUSA snorkel sets in the featured TUSA snorkel series we have done.  We’ve had nothing but fun using all three sets and truly feel that they are top notch in the industry. Again, the only negative that we can come up with is the lack of a bag which you can easily get from reading this page.


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