SealBuddy FIJI Panoramic Snorkel Set Review


SealBuddy FIJI Panoramic Snorkel Set











  • Great. panoramic mask
  • Good, comfortable snorkel mouthpiece and dry top
  • Travel size fins for easy packing


  • Fins may not fit well on larger feet

Last Updated on June 23, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

As SealBuddy is a relatively unheard of brand, those who are frequent snorkelers might have overlooked this set at first for something in the Promate or U.S. Divers variety. However, by passing over the FIJI Panoramic snorkel set, you are passing over an affordable snorkel set that is also of some pretty impressive quality.

Not only do you get a high quality set of fins, a mask, and a tube, but you get a carrying back included to put it all in. One of the nicest parts is that they didn’t completely cheap on out the travel bag either like some snorkel sets do. You also have quite the variety of colors to choose from to match your unique fashion choices.

Features of the SealBuddy FIJI Panoramic Snorkel Set

Mask: The mask of this set is really its showpiece. It features a four window panoramic view that comes built in with an enhanced concave nose piece for ear pressure optimization. However, while you will get a decent panoramic view (albeit one cut up by the frame a little bit), the nice part about this mask is that they can easily accommodate myopic and presbyopia glasses.

Fins: It is probably best to keep in mind that the fins in this set run between small and medium-sized. While adjustable, they may not fit quite right for those with larger feet. They are also travel-sized fins, so the actual blades are shorter which makes then easy to take places. However, they are not so short that you need to put a lot of work into swimming. The dual composite streamlined blades pack maximum thrust with very little effort.

Tube: This bendable dry top snorkel employs a fully submersible patented dry top ball design that keeps water out while still letting air in. The one-way sealed purge valve provides easy air release without the risk of leaks. The combination of the bendable tube and the hypoallergenic mouthpiece provides optimum comfort for the tube as you can adjust it to sit however you want it to.

Travel Bag: This isn’t one of those put mesh or satin travel bags that want you to put everything in so it can get all jumbled up as you travel. This appropriately-sized bag features mesh openings for quick drying and ventilation, but also features compartments so that you can keep all your snorkel gear organized while still being able to tuck accessories in the pockets on the exterior.

Final Analysis

As it doesn’t have the brand recognition behind it, something that is actually pretty important when choosing snorkel gear, it is easy to overlook SealBuddy’s FIJI Panoramic set. While it doesn’t have a whole lot of “flash” to it, for its price you do get a solid snorkeling set. While the veteran snorkeler may want for some extra features, the casual or beginner snorkeler will get a number of good trips out of this particular set before they may start to want something else.


    • Vale,

      Yeah, we saw that. However, the experience we had was really good. I still have a set that is still good operating condition two years later.



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