TUSA Sport Visio Snorkeling Gear Review


TUSA Sport Visio Snorkel Set


Top Notch Set



  • 3 pan, wide view mask
  • Ultra Dry Snorkel
  • Channel Tech fins


  • No bag included

Last Updated on June 23, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Next in our review series of the TUSA line of snorkel sets is the Sport Visio Tri-Ex gear set.  You may remember from our last review of the Sport Powerview and that of the entire TUSA line that although the company doesn’t make an overwhelming number of snorkel sets, the one they do put on the market are of the highest quality.

This Sport Visio Tri-Ex set from TUSA is no different than the Powerview…nothing short of excellent.  You’re not going to find cheap materials or a poor design from TUSA.  Since they make a limited number of snorkel sets the ones they put out have to stand apart from the rest and stand the test of time.

Features of the TUSA Sport Visio Tri-Ex Snorkel Set

Colors include:  (shown right)

Black/Metallic Blue

Black/Metallic Red


Crystal silicone skirt for comfort and easy seal.  The skirt is double-edged for a consistent seal and fit each and every time it is worn.  The wide field of view from this 3-windo snorkel mask is what snorkelers are really after…the ability to see everything that they can.  The buckles and straps are designed for comfort and quick and easy adjustments in or out of the water.


Hyper Dry Elite technology from TUSA makes sure that water stays out of the snorkel above the water of submerged.  The valve at the top closes without fail when diving and submerged and it also opens upon surfacing for minimal issues.  The splash water stayed out of the tube as well when we were on the surface talking and treading water.  The mouthpiece is super comfortable and at the end of a very adjustable and bendable connector tube which moves easily in any direction with accordion-style make.


Open heel for fit but dependable buckles and straps for adjustment to fit longer feet…and feet that are still growing.  They have a multi-flex, long blade design that provide great maneuverability in the water and thrust because of the channeling technology that TUSA has built right in The fins travel well enough but are not “trek” or “travel” size fins.


This set has no bag that comes with it but you can always find a great snorkel gear bag to fit your sets on Amazon.

Final Analysis:

This is the second TUSA snorkel set that we have reviewed in as many months and we are liking the brand more and more.  If Lizzy hadn’t been using a TUSA set as her main then we may have not turned our attention to these sets this fall and we feel that would have been a mistake.  Awesome set from an awesome brand.


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