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US Divers Proflex II Snorkeling Fins Review (Good for Diving, too!)

Whether you're diving, snorkeling, body surfing or just having fun in the ocean, then US Divers probably has the snorkeling fins that you're looking for.  The Proflex II is one of those ultra-versatile fins...

U.S. Divers Proflex FX Fin (Silver, Men (Large) 10-13 Lady (Large) 11.5-14.5)

US Divers Proflex FX Snorkel Fins 2012 - The US Divers Proflex FX Fin meets function with this beautifully designed full blade fin, which features dual composite material for superior snap and thrust. A soft and comfortable foot pocket has an easy adjustable strap for a custom fit, having a fin that is available in three sizes to accommodate your needs makes for a great swimming experience. . Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 253345

U.S. Divers Proflex II Diving Fins (Large, 9.5-11.5)

The Proflex II fin is a contemporary designed fin that provides excellent power and styling