5 Great Options for Mens Snorkel Rash Guards with SPF


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Rash Guards are a great piece of snorkeling equipment to have.  You may opt to put on sunscreen and soak up some of the sun while you’re on the beach and snorkeling but what happens when you forget to re-apply or when you plan on being in the water so long that you don’t have a chance to re-apply?  Rash guards are a great way to block the sun out from a large part of your body.

Simply said, rash guard are a piece o snorkeling gear that you won’t fully appreciate until you’ve either been burned by the sun before and worn a rash guard the next time out OR you wear a rash guard and when you get home you thank your lucky stars that you’re not as red as a boiled lobster.

Not only do rash guards protect you and yours from the sun but they also actually help to prevent minor scrapes and cuts that you may usually get from banging into coral or rocks.  It won’t pad the blow but it may prevent coral from penetrating the skin and save you the hassle of cleaning a coral cut.

Note:  Complete table with pricing of the following items at bottom of this article.

Best SPF Rash guards for Men

Cressi Men’s Long Sleeve (SPF 50+)

This Cressi rash guard is made with a mixture of 20% spandex and 80% lycra for comfort and a little bit of “stretchy” durability.  The “Flatloc” stitching doesn’t chafe and is comfortable to wear…you’ll most likely won’t even be aware of it.  It has an SPF rating of 50+ to defend your skin and body from the sun and other elements whether in the water or not.  Of course, the material is quick drying and it does a great job at guarding from rashes, cuts, scrapes as well as the sun.

Colors available:  black/white, black/blue, light blue/white, blue/white and even a black/pink.

Cressi Men’s Short Sleeve (SPF 50+)

This is the same model as above save for the short sleeve as opposed to the long sleeve.  Whether you use a long sleeve or short sleeve rash guard is really just a matter of preference and how much sun your arms can take.  Personally, I use a short sleeve rash guard because of the way the sleeve pulls when I reach out.  Good SPF rating, 80% lycra/20% spandex and will protect you well.

Check out more on Amazon!

Body Glove Wetsuit Co Mens (UV  protection and SPF)

Out of all the rash guards on this list this is most likely the most practical.  The Body Glove rash guard is loose fitting, long sleeved, and a cool looking top when it’s dry and you’re just chillin’ on the beach with the Body Glove logo dead center in the chest but not overbearingly so.  100% nylon and it fits like a t-shirt while being put together with non-chafe stitching.  Quick dry properties make it convenient as well so that there is no loose, wet rag on your body…

Colors available:  Black, gray, navy blue, and white.

Oneil Mens 24/7 Tech Short Sleeve (30+ SPF and UV protection)

O’Neill makes great wet suits.  They also make pretty awesome rash guards.  It has Flatloc stitching so that everything holds together well and a comfort fit.  The make is also a “relaxed fit” so that it doesn’t bunch and allows you to move freely.  This is a “new” series by O’Neill as the 24/7 Tech material which is a highly-breathable, quick-dry, nylon/spandex material that performs well and keeps your protected from the elements.  Short sleeve, just like we like them.

A LOT of different colors and combinations.  Check them out on Amazon.

AquaLung Mens Red Night Rash guard (SPF and UV protection)

Okay, this is the best looking rash guard for men of the bunch and made by AqauLung.  It has SPF protection and it is fitted so it can be a little tight…it’s supposed to be that way.  There were some complaints in the Amazon reviews about it being “tight” however, that’s the intention here.  Black on red makes a great looking rash guard with the AquaLung logo emblazoned across the chest.

Find out more on Amazon.

More info on the above Rash Guards:

[easyazon_table attributes=”ListPrice,Brand,Feature” identifiers=”B009ADOHLQ,B00GD3AVP2,B00AJI30NW,B00MJEKXL6,B00YY463CM” locale=”US” orientation=”at” tag=”snorkelstore03-20″ text=”Cressi Mens Lycra Skin Long Sleeve Rash Guard, Size XLG|O’Neill Wetsuits Skins Short Sleeve Rash Guard T-Shirt, Deep Sea, Large|O’neill Wetsuits Men’s 24-7 Tech Short Sleeve Crew Shirt, Black, Medium|Aqua Design Men’s Long Sleeve Big Wave UPF 50+ Sun Protection Rash Guard Shirt|O’Neill men’s 24/7 Tech Sleeveless Crew (including Big & Tall sizes) Men’s XXL Navy/yellow (4248C)”]


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