Aqua Lung Sport Nautilus Roll Up Snorkel Review


Aqua Lung Roll Up Snorkel Nautilus



  • Good snorkel
  • Easily stowed and carried
  • Comfort Fit


  • Not a main snorkel
  • Price is high for a snorkel only

Last Updated on June 24, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Roll up snorkels are taking the snorkel, SCUBA, and spear fishing sports by storm these days.  I guess the best thing about a roll up snorkel is the ease in which it stores and how readily available it can be for you.  Personally, I’m not going to start snorkeling all the time with my Aqua Lung Nautilus roll up snorkel, but I will probably keep it in my a pocket of my snorkel gear bag just in case the snorkel I’m currently using has a mishap or breaks.

All in all, this is a pretty cool product.  The snorkel works well and it’s easily stowed, carried, and used.  I can’t say that this is an essential piece of snorkel gear but it is a piece that will come in handy at times.

Features of the Nautilus Roll Up Snorkel By Aqua Lung

blue and clear roll up snorkel
Blue and Clear Option, rather than all black. (Image is clickable)
  • Super easy to store in a cargo pocket or hang from a d-ring on your snorkel bag or CamelBak.  This is the main feature for us. It’s a spare tire in that little space under the cargo spot in a small SUV.  It’s essential when you need it, discreetly stowed, and easy to use.  You just won’t use it that often if you already have a decent snorkel set.
  • The mouthpiece is regulator grade for great fit and comfort.  This is a big deal because for divers who have a snorkel attachment on their dives.
  • Comes in two color varieties: black and blue/clear. Made from high-quality silicone for comfort and durability.
  • Comes with a snorkel keeper clip to attach snorkel to mask strap. Keeper is durable and soft for easy on and off but not so rigid that it will snap easily.

You may think that this type of snorkel would be something you’d ever need or use but I kind of think of it as an emergency back-up, and Aqua Lung does it right!.  Not only for you, but if anyone in your family or group snaps a clip or their snorkel isn’t doing well then you could come through with your back up and be the hero.


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