Phantom Aquatics Snorkel Set Review with Bag (various colors)


Phantom Aquatics Snorkel Set


Good Option



  • Big bag
  • Tempered, big lens mask


  • NOT a dry snorkel
  • Basic Bag

Last Updated on June 24, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Phantom Aquatics Adult Mask Fin Snorkel Set with Mesh Bag, Twilight, Small/Medium/Size 4.5 to 8.5The Phantom Aquatics Adult Snorkel set is one that will pleasantly surprise you.  The price is a little more reasonable than some of the U.S Divers snorkel sets.You may buy a Phantom Aquatics snorkel set to save a few buck and not expect to get the best quality.  That’s where this snorkel creep up on you and you will end up loving it.  You may feel like you should buy a “better” snorkel set but you’ll find out that you really don’t need much more than this set.  There’s only one real downside to this set; the snorkel!  It’s only a semi-dry.

Phantom, you almost had a winner here.

Also, keep in mind that while we are displaying the Phantom Aquatics purple snorkel set, called as “Twilight”, on our store it also comes in the colors of black, yellow, blue, aqua, pink, silver and red. (As seen below)

Phantom Aquatics Snorkel Set Includes:

Dual Lens Mask

The lenses are large enough for good snorkeling and the mask is comfortable to the face.  The liquid silicone skirts is soft and sealed real well on my face.  Speed fit buttons on the strap for easy adjusting above or below the surface of the water.

Semi Dry Snorkel Tube

This is where this snorkel set loses me.  I can’t think of a reason for a snorkel set manufacturer to make anything but a dry snorkel these days.  For a few bucks more you can buy a quality U.S Divers or Seavenger snorkel set wit dry-tube technology.  #fail.


The fins are good!  Soft fit, open heel for comfort and the fins themselves propel the wearer through the water with ease and power.  Quick release straps are great, too.  These fins are made to be worn with booties.  Not a requirement for a snorkeling fin.  #fail2


The carry bag a basic mesh-net bag with a draw string.  It will keep your gear together and you may even have room to throw a bottle of sunscreen, some defogger, and a towel.  Not bad.

The Phantom Aquatics Snorkel Set is also available in the below colors: Black, Yellow, Blue, Aqua, Pink, Silver, Twilight, and Red

(images below are clickable for a better look)


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