First Annaual Snorkel Store Scholarship Finalists and WINNER!


Last Updated on July 1, 2023 by Snorkel Ken


First off, I’d like to apologize.  We were running a little late with the Snorkel Scholarship results.  We got a lot of great applications from a lot of extraordinary people.  The reason we were behind is that we were getting applications up until the very last minute.  We wanted to make sure that we gave each and every applicant their due process.  This meant that after applications that came later, we then had to go back and compare and gauge each and every application to all of the others.  Again.  LOL.  We loved it, though, and enjoyed each and every application.

For what it’s worth, we plan on doing this every year.  Next year we’ll definitely add another category so that we can hand out 2 scholarships;  1 to a high school senior and one to a post grad.

Some stats:

  • 100 total applications
  • 38 high school seniors
  • 62 post grads
  • We preferred those with complete and accurate applications.
  • We preferred those essay with a personal touch as well as passion.
  • We preferred essays that followed the directions in the scholarship page and talked less about the applicant and more about the content we requested.

Without Further Adieu…

The 3 finalists were Casey, Haley and Zachary.

Because some people sent their essays in as PDF, we’re unable to post the essays on the site so we’re just going to NOT publish any of the essays.

The Winner of the 1st Annual Snorkel Scholarship is Casey H from California.

Casey had a great resume, a great essay and a great letter of recommendation!

Congrats, Casey and we’ll be in touch in the next 24hrs!



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