SeaDoo Explorer X Underwater Scooter Review


Last Updated on July 5, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

The Sea Doo Explorer X is pretty much the top of the line for underwater scooters and its a machine that I consider to be a good hybrid; that is, you can use it for snorkeling or diving.

It’s difficult to find a snorkel that most people “love”.  What we found in our research is that people tend to buy the more affordable scooters and expect them to do more than they’re meant to do.  However, when they purchase a better or “premium” snorkel scooter like this Sea Doo Explorer X, then there are happier reviews and more satisfied customers.

Renting or buying a Sea Doo Explorer X should satisfy all of your snorkeling needs.  It’s the perfect scooter for a shore launch to get you to all the hot snorkeling areas or take you to explore different parts.  It can also be great to launch with from a boat, either to get to shore to explore or to cover more ground snorkeling with less effort.

Features of the SeaDoo Explorer X Underwater Scooter:

  • Designed and outfitted for deep water diving so you know that you’re gtg for snorkeling.
  • The scooter will top out at 3.3 miles per hour and reach depths of up to 130 feet.  Again, you won’t need this depth for snorkeling but it provides you with more than enough performance.
  • 3 stage speed control and an auto shut off built in.
  • Pressure valves that help machine depressurize.
  • “Up to” 2 hours of run time per battery charge.  Most reviews and users are saying that it is more like 90 minutes rather than the full 2 hours, though.
  • 6 month warranty.

The reviews on Amazon are great.  I do want to point out one last time that this is a snorkel scooter that was built with deep water diving in mind.  The price is affordable at the performance that it provides.  We recommend this product mainly because we feel that lesser models, even by SeaDoo, may disappoint.

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