Seavenger Snorkel Set Review with Dry Top Snorkel and Gear Bag (Various Colors)


Seavenger Diving Snorkel


Good Option



  • Complete set
  • Top Dry Technology
  • Fits Well
  • Various Colors


  • Bag Quality
  • Clip sometimes comes off mask band

Last Updated on July 2, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

Snorkeling season has a new friend!  Seavenger does  a great job with their exclusive,  complete, color-coordinated, premium snorkeling set. And that price is lower than you would expect for the quality.  Check out the other color options for this snorkel set.

The Seavenger Snorkel Set Set Includes:

Dry Top Snorkel.

If you’re snorkeling without a Dry Top snorkel tube with splash guard then you’re doing it wrong.  This dry top technology gives you full range of motion of the head while drastically minimizing the chance of pulling in water. Add that to the purge valve that allows you to easily clear the snorkel with a sudden breath of air and you have snorkeling enjoyment for as long as you want.  Fully bendable mouthpiece also aids in comfort and safety while snorkeling.

Trek Fins.  Short, powerful fins that are agile enough to be also used body-boarding.  The foot pocket is very comfortable and soft.  The fins feature vented blades that jet water backwards on downstroke, and aid maximum propulsion so that you move easily when needed and quickly when wanted.   Quick-release, easily adjustable strap.

Single Lens Mask.  With a single lens and no separation you get the greatest field of view from Seavenger’s own line of specially designed and developed masks. This mask will give you the panoramic view you are looking for in a snorkel mask so that you don’t miss a thing.   The Seavenger snorkel set has a high-quality silicone skirt, tempered glass raked lens with inverted tear drop shape that brings lens as close to your pupils as possible, and more.

Gear Bag.  The whole Snorkel Set fits in this convenient, compact, fast-drying plastic mesh bag but it’s not of the highest quality and is my largest con about this snorkel set.  Easy to store, carry and hang with the pull-cord cinch.

You can get the Seavenger Snorkel Set in any of the below colors: (clickable images)


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