September Snorkel Set of the Month: Body Glove Amani Snorkel Set


Last Updated on June 30, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

We just pulled the winner for the August Contest out of the Snorkel Bag.  We love to give away Amazon Gift Cards to snorkelers every month for our contest and we are approaching the 100 email list subscribers that we need in order to start giving out actual free snorkel sets every month.

This months featured snorkel set is a solid, reliable gear gathering made by Body Glove.  The Amani set has everything that you need in a snorkel set for just the right price.

Features of the Body Glove Amani Snorkel Set:

>The tempered glass mask meets all ANSI standards and is built and designed to withstand water pressure and cracks.  Mostly likely you’ll never need that for snorkeling but the safety feature is great to have.  You can never be too safe.

>Fins designed for power, speed and comfort.  Open heel design with adjustable straps for most sizes of feet and vented with a channel system to take full advantage of every kicking stroke, whether it be short flutter kicks or power moves.

>Completely dry snorkel with valve that closes when submerged and a purge system on the bottom for easy clearing if water does enter the tube.

>Available colors for the Amani set come in blue and yellow.  Available sizes are S/M for 4.5 to 8.5 and L/Xl for 9 thru 13.

You can find out more information at Amazon.

This set does not come with a snorkel gear bag so check out the bundle we’ve created below.  As always, if enough people sign up to the mailing list then you might win this snorkel set (not the bundle) for FREE.

[FreshBundle bundle_id=”body_glove_amani_001″ layout=”featuredlist” featured=”B006Z18GTU” custom_title=”Body Glove Amani Set” ribbon_text=”Set!” custom_buy_button=”Buy from Amazon” custom_cta=”” target=”current” ]


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