Snorkel Gear Deal Alert: US Divers Admiral Snorkel Set with Premium Accessories


Last Updated on June 27, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

US-Divers-admiral-snorkel-setDon’t miss out on this one if you’re looking for snorkel gear!

Here you have a high-end,high-quality snorkel gear set that is ripe for the taking because of the large discount being offered right now.  We’re big into US Divers as a top recreational snorkel gear company and we’ve talked about the Admiral Set a lot before.  It’s one of our favorite sets and lots of people love using it.

Features of this US Divers Admiral Snorkel Gear Deal Alert:

This set basically comes with everything that you need in a snorkel gear set up, minus the defogger (which you can pick up pretty cheaply…try this one).  You’re getting a mask, fins, a quality gear bag, and a neoprene strap guard for the mask strap so that hair doesn’t get stuck in it and more comfort.

The mask seal is silicone and provides a soft comfortable seal.  The dry snorkel is a typical US Divers make which closes when submerged and also keeps surface splash water.  The Fins are open heeled and come with adjustable heel straps for comfort and fit.

The items that make this snorkel set a deal for the price are the premium carry bag and the neoprene strap cover.  You can usually find comparable sets going for $60 to $70.  This is definitely a deal that you’ll want to look into.  Again, here is the full review on the US Divers Admiral set in case you wanted more information on it before going to Amazon.

Happy snorkeling!



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