Snorkel Store Kit: Seavenger Edition


Last Updated on June 21, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

This is a new sort of “short feature” that we’re going to start doing here on Snorkel Store. We written and talked a lot about reviews since starting this website. You can check out our opinion on the Best Snorkel Gear Brands here.

Since we’ve done that we’ve come to realize that people are very brand loyal. They may want to put together their snorkel equipment all in line with one particular brand. We understand. Once you find something that you like you want to stay with it because you know it works.

That’s why we’ve put together this Seavenger Snorkel Kit. All of you Seavenger fans can now grab an entire Seavenger snorkel starter kit.

Seavenger Snorkeling Kit:  Everything You Need

Black with Black Silicon
Seavenger Snorkel Set for Adults with Dry Snorkel Trek Fins, Single Lens Mask

This set is a pretty standard one. It’s affordable and it’s about as good a set that Seavenger is going to make. It comes with a dry snorkel, travel size fins for easy packing and transport, and a single lens mask that makes your underwater view a wide open window to look out. You can read our full-review here.


Tropical “Shorty” Wetsuit (Men and Women)

I couldn’t find a rash guard with a Seavenger brand and while you won’t normally need a wetsuit, this one will protect your from the skin and keep your body thermally insulated as well. The stitching is tight and you’ll hardly notice wearing it once you have it on. You’ll stay warmer longer in the water. Pay attention to size before putting it on.

Titanium Dive Knife

You may not need a dive knife when you’re snorkeling. Ever. Then again, you may need one at some point. Wouldn’t it be nice to have? We carry dive knives on us when we snorkel. It’s not for protection from sharks (though it would come in handy if we ever ran into an aggressive one). Instead we use it to pry of sea urchins which we eat. We’re Italian and Korean and both cultures have ways of preparing the insides of sea urchins. They’re yummy.

Other than that, you can a dive knife to move rocks around or to dig into the sand if you’re looking for sea shells. And, heck, if you ever see a turtle or dolphin stuck in fishing line or tackle, then you can help it. Just be careful.

Gear Bag

The snorkel set in this set comes with a very basic gear bag. While it works to hold all of your snorkel equipment, it’s not great. This Seavenger dive gear bag is a definite upgrade. This bag expands to hold a lot of gear but will actually fold to into a cargo pocket when you’re not using it.

Mask Defogger

We don’t leave home without it. Well, we have and we’ve been forced to use spit or dish washing liquid but it’s just not as convenient. Grab yourself a 3 oz (airport friendly) bottle of mask defogger and carry it with you until it runs out. That little bottle will last you a longer long than you probably think.



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