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Aqua Lung Nautilus Travel Snorkel Set Review

Right off the bat, I knew I was going to have an issue with this snorkel set.  In most cases I love Aqua Lung sets; they're made well and perform well.  This snorkel set...

Aqua Lung Sport Diva Snorkeling Set Review with Dry Snorkel (Various Colors)

This Aqua Lung snorkeling set is perfect for woman looking to start out on their first snorkeling adventure and advanced enough for those who have been snorkeling already and are looking for a quality...

U.S. Divers Kids Snorkeling Set Review Dry Snorkel

This US Divers junior snorkeling set differs slightly from our last review. While the last U.S. Divers Youth Buzz Junior Snorkeling Set, Neon Blue, Small (1-3) came with a dorado mask and splash snorkel, this...

SVP Aqua 5800 Review 18MP Dual Screen Waterproof Digital Camera for Snorkeling

The SVP Aqua 5800 Waterproof Digital Camera features a dual color display with 4x digital zoom. The 1.8 inch front TFT color display is large enough to allow you to see yourself in the shot before taking the picture. 2.7 inch rear LCD display provides easy viewing of the photos. It is a 18 Megapixel camera with a 8.5mm lens. Easy to use and is suitable for any trip! It also does not stop you from capturing the perfect moments underwater! The camera supports up to 32GB of Micro SD card and is compatible with Win XP(SP3), Vista (32/64), Win 7(32, 64) and Mac OS x 10.6.8 or above.

Aqua Sphere Anti-Fog Solution

Aqua Sphere Anti-Fog Solution gives you crystal clear vision through your mask or goggles. Prevents fogging of any Aqua Sphere swim mask or goggle lens. Apply to an already anti- fog coated lens to enhance the action

Aqua Lung Sport TREK Snorkeling Fins – Aqua, Large

The Trek Fins are great and very popular with the snorkelers and swimmers. They are compact and can easily pack in your luggage for air travel.