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9 Underwater Cameras for Snorkeling that are Powerful, Affordable and NOT GoPros

Don’t get us wrong: We like GoPros just as much as the next snorkeler. Really. We use a GoPro Silver for many of our snorkeling photos and videos that you see around the site...
snorkel masks with go pro mounts

5 Great Options for Snorkel Masks with GoPro Mounts

Seriously? You went snorkeling without an undwerater camera? C’mon, maaaan! You don’t ever do that. To be truthful, I’m at a point in my regular snorkel locations where I don’t see much on a regular...

Snorkel First Aid: Sea Urchin Puncture Wounds

The first thing to note is that you’re probably not in real danger of dying. Here’s some quick guidance: A puncture from a sea urchin can cause redness, swelling, pain and possible infection in the...

GoPro Hero 4 Black Review For Snorkeling

GoPro’s professional performance camera model, delivering new Ultra HD video modes, including: 4K30, 2.7K60 and 1080p120.

GoPro HERO 4 Silver for Snorkeling Review

GoPro’s high-end camera model that features a new design with an integrated LCD, significantly increasing ease of use.