5 Great Options for Snorkel Masks with GoPro Mounts


Last Updated on July 5, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

GoPro Action camera Scuba Diving Mask - Front And Side View
GoPro Action camera Scuba Diving Mask – Front And Side View PC: http://coolpile.com

Seriously? You went snorkeling without an undwerater camera? C’mon, maaaan! You don’t ever do that.

To be truthful, I’m at a point in my regular snorkel locations where I don’t see much on a regular basis that I haven’t seen before. But still… There was that time that I happened on to a pod of dolphins on the Big Island of Hawaii. The time that I saw a sea horse (pretty rare) snorkeling at Kaiona Beach Park. Plus, I always get a kick out of getting video of moray eels and turtles.

Plus, what about any time in the future when I might see a shark or an octopus while snorkeling? SCUBA divers and snorkelers love their underwater cameras. They get to come back with pictures of a marine world that they love and respect and which most of their friends and family will only witness through their videos and images.

Take a look at these 5 snorkel masks with GoPro mounts. It couldn’t get any easier. You just gotta’ look and you’re doing it!


This may be my favorite looking mask of the bunch. It’s a close race between this and the FX-Foto Panorama. The mask lenses are tempered safety glass and the skirt is ultra-soft for a comfortable and safe experience at many different depths and uses. The GoPro® mount fits all models (Original through Hero 4). Comes with a mesh carrying case to protect the mask. Colors available include: all black, Navy camouflage, red on black, USA Flag pattern, and yellow on black. Check it on Amazon.


Compatible with all GoPro® models. The HLC mask comes with a dry snorkel and an ergonomically contoured tube to keep up and out of water when not submerged. It is of average internal volume and it doesn’t claim to be low volume. Dual safety lenses made of tempered glass and soft, comfortable silicone for a great seal on most faces. Available in black, blue, and pink. Get current information on Amazon.


The mother of the GoPro® snorkel masks that started the fad, I believe. Works with all models, original through Hero 4 models. As most of these masks have, the Octomask also has dual lenses made of tempered safety glass and soft silicone. They like to tout the large nose pocket that makes it easy to access for equalization. They also like the fact that they offer hassle free returns if you’re for some reason not happy with the Octomask. We’re pretty sure you’ll be thrilled with it. Find the OctoMask on Amazon.


The Finegood GoPro® compatible mask is the one that actually touts itself as a snorkel mask. It’s designed for a clearer underwater experience with tempered glass and safety lenses. I’m not sure why it touts itself as “for snorkeling” but that’s all I need it for, anyway. The straps have a buckles around the ends of the mask that swivel for comfort and fit. Compatible will all GoPro® models to date up to the Hero 4. More on Amazon about this mask!

XS-Foto Panorama

I’m pretty sure that this is my favorite on the list and I saved it for last purposely for that reason. It’s a sharp looking mask with the “GoMask” test across the top and the “XS Foto” logo text on the side straps as connectors to the mask frame. It’s a 3-lens mask with one frame across the front and two small ones on the side that turn the mask into a panoramic viewing play house underwater.

Here’s the rest of the features for the XS-Foto:

  • Panoramic view of with three, beveled lenses of Everclear tempered glass
  • Includes two mask straps with quick adjust patenting called “Qwik” strap.
  • Star Feature: Stainless steel camera mount that doesn’t include a nut that you may lose at some time. Works with the current thumb screw that you have with your GoPro®.

Those are our picks for the best snorkel masks that come with GoPro(R) mounts.  These masks can make things a lot easier for your picture and video taking endeavors while snorkeling.  It’s easy to forget about the camera and just swim and snorkel as you normally would.  Definitely a luxury.


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