U.S. Divers Kids Snorkel Set Review with Splash Snorkel (Two Colors Available)


US Divers Junior Snorkel Set



  • Good fit
  • Vibrant colors
  • Comfort skir on mask


  • Fins don't fit all sizes
  • Travel bag could use an upgrade

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Snorkel Ken


It’s not always the easiest thing to find snorkeling sets that fit a child.  Kids are always growing.  Their faces are smaller and, in all honesty, since they’re not fully developed then they tend to be awkwardly shaped, i.e. big feet, etc.  US Divers has come with a decent junior snorkeling set that seems to cover most of the bases in regards to being in the “best fit” category for children 6 years old and up.  Keep in mind that no snorkel set that is bought as a package will be the “perfect fit”, however this one does come close on most accounts.

This snorkeling set from US Dives comes in two vibrant color schemes, “Fun Blue” and “Fun Purple”…both are perfect for either boys or girls and the links to both are below.

The US Divers Kids Snorkel Set Includes:


A hypoallergenic, silicone face skirts is soft for comfort and smaller so that it fits a child’s face and keeps the water out.  It also features easy, Pro-Glide buckles for quick and effortless adjustments.


The snorkel is not as well made as some of the dry snorkel technology that you will find on some adult snorkeling sets but it will still prevent surface splashes from entering the snorkel tube. The mouthpiece is also ergonomic and fitting to smaller mouths.


The fins are pretty well made and provide all of the propulsion and support needed.  Here’s where the age fitting can get dicey, though:  Feet at the smaller end of spectrum may not reach the end of foot pocket and larger kid’s feet will extend beyond it.  The fins will still secure well enough but it may feel odd or uncomfortable for your child.

Carry Bag:

Travel ready and zip snorkel carry bag makes it easy for the kids to haul over a shoulder.

Check out our Kids Snorkel Gear Guide for a more in-depth look at how to fit your child with snorkeling gear, the best snorkeling for children, and some snorkeling equipment that you may want for your child.

Color Options for this Child’s Snorkeling Set:

(Images are Clickable)

Fun Purple

Fun Blue


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